Simplify Human Existence: Discover Life

It sounds too easy to be true. Simplify the details of our daily existence and experience life from a state of higher consciousness. What does this really mean? Do we exclude more and more material things from our activities in order to refocus on the true essence of life? This could be one possibility. Do we resist temptations of the body? Will this allow life to blossom? Again, this could be one possibility.


Simplifying is however not something we do. It is something that we allow. Life is partially dependent on the mind. However it is strongly influenced by the conscious energy of a life-form. What is happening in each moment? It is life! It is not really happening but more so flowing. What and how we perceive also strongly determines how we react. This sounds logical but is usually forgotten in our general state of unconscious limbo existence. We are not usually reacting to the moment from a field of active perception; rather it is done from a static field of conditioned reactions to the mind. I have included a poem below for you consideration.


Simplify and you will surely fly.
Simplify and never wonder why.
Life has a natural flow.
Thereby it carries you along.

The highest plateau is always within reach.
This is more than gliding or carelessly flying.
Now is not the time to wait, don’t ever hesitate.

The mind will often cause you to contemplate.
It tells you to be careful and wants you to debate.
There is so much you must take.

Do not listen, do not ponder.
Otherwise the mind will cause you to wander.
How do you feel? Pay attention to what you think.
Be afraid, don’t look beyond my thoughts.
This is what the mind whispers.

Simplify and discover that you can fly.
This is best done without delay.
However the mind will warn you to stay away.
Heed not what it says, do not worry.

The mind tells you to think and to care.
Experiencing life is however done without despair.
One might even say that you should not care.

Simplify, Take Off and Fly!

The moment is always at hand.
What will you do? The mind screams at you.
It offers thoughts galore and unfortunately so much more.
These are often of things to come and of things long gone.

Yet the mind will say, listen to me, I am you.
Deep inside you have always known how to fly.
Disregard the mind, let all excuses be gone.
Remember simplify, go ahead, give it a try.
Beyond the mind awaits all that you have dreamed to find.


Best wishes


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