Situation: Conditioned Behavior or Life Awareness?

The manifestation of life as a human is overthrown by conditioning and the ego’s influence. We continuously exist in a repetitious pattern. This carries on from generation to generation. It is our manipulated thoughts that continually manifest a conditioned and egoistical world in any situation.

We remain blinded to life’s real purpose; something that is really not a purpose but a state of being.

As human beings, we carry this conditioned aspect within us. The lack of awareness allows the ego to consume the conditioned responses and make them appear to be in our best interest. The ego is continually looking out for itself in any encounter; whether this is a person, thing or situation.

The content of any situation is irrelevant. The opportunity to choose is there for us every day and in every situation. When I say choose, I mean a choice that comes from a level of consciousness other than our human form. In a state of awareness, our choices would not be manipulated by a person, an emotion, or a situation. There would be no outside influence to distort our field of presence. There would also be no contamination from our human ego or conditioning, or at least we would be more aware of it when it happens. We could then stop the repetitive patterns that occur in many daily experiences.

Unfortunately, we are normally not that aware. We allow ourselves to be pulled into the immediate situation. We are not present with our true form. This is where our old friend, the ego, takes over the situation. This allows and usually causes many situations to be stressful and full of conflict. Fear accompanies our thought patterns.

We are usually never conscious enough to be aware of what is really unfolding before us in that moment. Almost all of our reactions are based on recent encounters or situations. There are also many situations where our anxiety over a presumed fictional future contributes to our lack of unawareness. In countless situations, we are not truly experiencing a stressful situation due to the situation itself. It is the mind and conditioned reaction that inflect confusion and anxiety.

Situation vs. Expectation

The conflict or anxiety also does not originate from a person or other people. The meeting you have with the boss tomorrow is not responsible for you spending hours thinking about the meeting. The meeting is also not responsible for you not getting any sleep during the night before the meeting.

The conflicts, anxieties, and emotions that may arise during a situation are all self-made. They are reignited again and again by the human conditioning and the ego. I am speaking about a process that occurs each day and in countless situations. I have asked myself why we continually accept this process or conditioning as part of our human experience. We, for the most part, contribute willingly to this ego-based manipulation. We usually never become aware enough to realize the influence conditioning as on any experience.

There is such conflict in ourselves and the world around us. This egoistic pattern of choice-making is a contributing element in this process. It is responsible for so much confusion and suffering in our human life. We feel this confusion and suffering on a personal and collective level. We are tormented by it constantly. Unfortunately, the ego has convinced us that this is normal.

Best wishes

P.S. This is a chapter excerpt from my first book “One Moment in Life” available on Amazon and other book retailers as paperback or Kindle.




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