Slow down: Take It Easy

Have you experienced a moment when you felt that it would never end? We consider this to be something that happens totally by chance. Furthermore it is often assumed that we have no significant influence on any particular instance. However when observed from a level of conscious awareness it is possible to understand that any boundaries placed on the now are purely mind-made. It is literally possible to slow down, speed up or even achieve a level of consciousness that offers a timeless and concept-free state of being.


The mind is naturally screaming out to you and insists that you (conscious being) have no power over what is unfolding. We could even accept this statement to be accurate when only seen from the minds perspective. There will be many situations that seem to happen to you. Therefore the mind insists that this can not be changed. This is partially correct, however witnessing the content of the now is not as vital to conscious awakening as your level of awareness to the moment itself. It is possible to slow down the energy flow that constitutes presence.

Are you awakened to consciousness and do you feel that you are willing and able to shift your awareness from mind content to living more consciously? This is all that is necessary to experience the moment from the dimension of eternal possibilities. Does this sound too good to be true? I can assure you that each and every person has this ability as a self-conscious object that is aware of this space and willing to experience it. The title from Foghat’s 1975 song “Slow Ride” can be useful in reminding us that a slow ride through life is beneficial because conscious awareness will appear to expand more readily.

Slow Down and Experience Life Consciously

The reference to slow is actually a mind concept and in itself will fade away as a person adjusts to the natural flow of life energy. This is true for all mind concepts and these will diminish as you experience more and more space in the framework of now. The realm of possibilities is vast once the confining barriers of the mind are gone. I suggest practicing this in any and all daily activities.

Simply accept what the mind offers you in relation to thoughts or emotions and then practice letting go. This can be done by observing the space around anything that is happening in any given moment. I often practice this exercise during meal preparations and have been amazed to experience how everything seems to slow down. There is no need to use a timetable or strict schedule that the mind as established to experience the now. There will be more and more conscious space in each moment as you shift your focus from the content of what you experience.

Everything will slow down as you realize the eternity within this space that has become consciousness of itself through your awareness to it.

Best wishes to everyone


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