Softness in the Air: Is it Spring or is it Love?

There is a magical something that can be found beyond the realm of the mind. We interpret and define it through words such as consciousness, oneness and even love. It can also be described as softness in the air that surrounds everything.


This softness is always there even when we have forgotten. It is like a rose petal after a spring shower. It is the sense of tranquility that is experienced as a summer breeze embraces our body and awakens our soul. The leaf of a tree slowly unfolds; thereby it offers us beauty untold. Close your eyes and release the minds hold; there you will find riches sweeter than gold.

Softness in the Air

There is softness in the air.
Do you feel it?
Do you care?
It cannot be seen, but it is there.

The birds feel it.
They sing of it; flying here and there.
The butterflies feel it.
They glide on it; high and low, to and fro.

This softness in the air; it is everywhere.
Then again, it is nowhere.
There are questions to be asked.
Do you know? Do you care?

The grass and wheat find it to be so sweet.
The flowers feel this soft caress.
They sway side by side; sharing its velvet touch.

Nature abounds; blue sky and green meadows.
There are colors galore; accentuating all to be seen.

There is Softness in the air

Perhaps we really do care.
I stand in a field, you are there…I am not alone.
By my side; hand in hand, we walk and we share.
There is no need to speak.
The grass tickles our bare feet.
Rejoicing, there is a giggle.

There is softness in the air.
The sun up high; it has been long since the dawn.
We have been walking side on side; sharing memories long gone.
Wonderful is this softness in the air as we snuggle closely together there.

Do you feel it? Do you care?
Is it love? Is there more to be shared?
Do you feel it? Will you always care?

There is softness in the air.
It surrounds us; it binds us.
Is it true? Is it love?
Do you feel it? Do you care?


Best wishes, happiness and love

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