Someone to Love: How About You?

I recently experienced an overwhelming sensation. It was based on something beyond togetherness. There is a joy that can felt in sharing love with someone or even, something. However this reference is not necessarily about the love that typically happens between two or more people. Love as a life-form is marvelous and, at times, equally perplexing. This is fine, however what about the universal expression of you as the one divine being?

Let us go a step further in this inquiry. Have you experienced a moment when all judgments, doubts, anxiety and fear were at a minimum? What did you feel? Was it something that cannot truly be expressed in mere words? The feeling to best describe this state of being could be called bliss. This is much more than love or compassion for someone specific. Furthermore it is ultimately a self-love. The significance thereby is that this love is a pure universal love based on the acknowledgment of oneness.

This totality is established through energy. Moreover, life, consciousness and love are three types of frequencies that can flow in harmony unless disturbed by other sources of energy such as from the mind. Let’s continue a step further into our spiritual understanding of love when experienced in a state of presence.

Someone to Hug

When was the last time you hugged someone? This might be considered a trick question because, as mentioned above, I am not referring to a hug that is intended for a given person. The hug I am writing about is far beyond the physical and even mental framework of our existence. I will repeat my question, please consider from a conscious state of being. When have you truly hugged someone?

Focus on this question from the dimension of presence and not from the minds image of you hugging someone. A universal hug uniquely orients itself on pure consciousness and unconditional love. Both of which are possible for our species at its current state of self-conscious evolution. The threshold is there and we only need to let go and allow. You have felt this entry to universal love and I am sure that you have often greatly desired to be completely absorbed by this energy.

The last step pertaining to this insight consists of an exercise in conscious awareness. Let go of everything the mind insists or demands from you. This is done by allow the mind to be as it is and simply go beyond its activities. Then reach out consciously and hug a tree, a flower, someone and everyone. Practice doing this without the mind; it is possible. You can already feel this sensation and your desire is to let it blossom.

Best wishes




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