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Have you noticed that most people are always looking for something? When asked what this something is; most will give you a suitable answer. This sentence implies an existence that can be quite tiring, frustrating and disappointing. This happens quite often simply because we are always looking for something. It may seem as if I am over-dramatizing, but let’s take a closer look to the core of this behavior. We have various things that we look for each day. This is a behavior pattern that we really don’t need to discuss here. Someone may look for his or her car keys or look for a bus schedule; this happens.

There is however another behavior pattern that has been a part of our existence since the early human development stages. Human beings have a desire or need to be fulfilled through “something”. Many people actually demand this certain “something”. I am referring to a type of searching that finds no satisfaction; even when we have found a given “something”. The reference here is to a lack of spiritual fulfillment. We are searching for something that can not satisfy the desire or need from within. There are many factors in our existence that have caused this unquenchable need to find something that will “make us whole”

We sense that it is there. We wish to experience it flowing through our mind and body. What is stopping us from experiencing the fulfillment that we so desire? You, me and every human being is responsible for the emptiness that we feel. The patterns of personal and social development have shut off the flow of fulfillment. It is really so simple; or is it? The saying “Easier said than done” perhaps expresses the complexity of this endeavor. Here again we should however understand that the complexity arises only when we decide to make it complicated. Is this not true in every event or situation?

Something we consider fulfillment

It is also beneficial for this discussion to consider what “fulfillment” really signifies. Fulfillment in regards to our discussion is not a journey only to be completed through any specific rituals, beliefs or signs of unconditional faith. The fulfillment that we are speaking about is the simple act of being with oneself. Awakening will begin when the burdens of existence can be seen as mere content in the human experience of the one self. This is not magical, mystical, religious or scientific. It is being one with what is. This can be experienced by avoiding separation through distractions of the human mind and body. There is never a moment when you are not one with the universe.

The three video clips are from Alan Watts “Creating Who You Are”, “What Did You Forget” and “Time to Wake Up”. The videos are very specific, profound and inspiration. The three videos have a total length of thirteen minutes.
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