Sometimes there are no Answers

Human beings switch constantly between asking questions and expecting answers. It is in our natural to be curious because this is what we do. We ask questions and search for answers. We are conditioned to expect the answers from other people, society and the voice in our head (thoughts).


These answers are generally compiled through learning processes and experiences. Answers are, however, often interlaced with fabrications that transpire throughout the tapestry of our experiences. These fabrications are the result of human traits such as creativity, emotions and ego. These traits; among others, are contributing factors in our need to search and find answers.

Answers without Questions

I have become very aware of this conditioned behavior in various situations relating to my interaction with myself and surroundings. I had been unknowingly trying to find the answers to consciousness and life through the mind. You might first ask what is wrong with the mind asking and wanting to find answers to these fascinating topics. I feel that there is not necessarily anything wrong with pursuing an expansion of knowledge.

However, this should be done from an impartial standpoint. The mind does not usually allow a person to be impartial. What I had become aware of was the “need” in me to define consciousness and life. This is not truly possible and my true desire was to observe myself living consciously. However, I do not wish to be overcome with a need to understand it, interpret it or define it.

Thankfully I “woke up” to the misdoings of the mind before becoming totally possessed by them. This sudden awareness gave me helpful signposts to living more conscious. Therefore I was able to sense that the mind and object characteristics (emotions, ego etc) are responsible for overshadowing consciousness. This is true whether understood from the perspective of object or universal consciousness.

Answers are not Needed

I have come to a few personal conclusions established though these recent experiences. This is what I practice daily:

– I don’t actually know anything. This is because what I presume to know is based on prior experiences. These prior moments had a vibrational field which was induced under similar but not the same circumstances as the current situation.
– Knowing that “I will be what I will be” is enough. This is a verse from the Hebrew Bible (Ehyeh asher ehyeh). It is generally translated as “I am that I am”.
– Practicing awareness in relation to object experiences is about feeling consciousness and life. It is not about questioning, defining, interpreting and judging.

I, and hopefully you, will continue to expand beyond the mind and live more consciously. We can do this in a natural manner; free of emotions and ego based strictly on thought patterns. There is perhaps no manner of human conceptual thinking that can give valid answers to the questions of consciousness and life. I am however sure this will not stop us from trying. However we should always remember…sometimes there are no answers.

Best wishes



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