Song of Rain and Sun: It is to be Sung!

There is a song that can be sung.
The time and place is never something to debate.
This song is to be sung; regardless of the day or date.
It is a song that you compose.
It can consist of roses, posies or peaches.

You contribute to this song; why wait?
Don’t hesitate; it is never too late.
This song vibrates from inward, outward and all about.
There is a symphony of life to consider and share.
You are the conductor, do you even care?
You hold the magical baton in the air.

The notions of the mind are the source of this song.
The energy pulse you share decides what is there.
Share from your thoughts and never get what you sought.
But there beyond the mind is where a true light shines.
This is a place full of grace.

There is music to be experienced there.
This melody will continue on, whether rain or sun.
You determine if and when you will have fun.
The sky is not the limit, nor anything beyond.
Don’t listen to the mind or you will always seek more time.

You have the magic and you decide it all.
You don’t need to wait.
The music is playing; let’s all congregate.
Beyond the mind; whether rain or sun.
There you will once again meet your true self.


Every life-form contributes to the symphony of life in a continuous rhythm of energy vibration. This energy frequency is flowing throughout all objects in the circle of life. Every object has the ability to influence this field of conscious life energy.

A Song Beyond Mind!

The mind can be considered a restrictive factor in this universal intelligence through no fault of its own. A raindrop or ray of sunshine does not actually need the mind to interpret or define it. You can experience anything without categorizing it. This is possible through active awareness to what is unfolding in this moment.

Consciousness begins on the level of object existence. It is an amazing attribute that holds true potential for a species that has become aware of it. However it is only possible to use or benefit from this dimension when we harmonize with its frequency. This is why a shift from mind content conditioning to active awareness is essential to acknowledging and accepting conscious living.

Best wishes




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