Song of Rain and Sun

There is a song that is sung each moment. Do you hear it? The area where I live experienced rain today. It was a beautiful summer shower. I heard the rain dropping onto the trees and was suddenly mesmerized by the gentle song of life that was present in the rain, even in each drop as it hit a leaf. I realized that I was not actually hearing the rain or wind. The experience was intensified through the awareness to the present moment.


I could feel energy vibrations as the rain fell. It felt as if I was moving in response to the tree limb movements as each swayed to and fro in the wind. I smiled as I considered what my friend would say if he would see me in that moment. What would my friend answer if I asked him if he likes the rain? This caused me to smile even more because I know that he complain about the rain and say that the sun should shine. Thereby it would be impossible to suggest that life was singing to him in that moment. The song of life usually remains unnoticed for most people.

The serenity of an experience, whether rain or sun unfolds when you are at peace with yourself. This is true for any situation. The song of life is not truly an acoustic or visual occurrence; it is the totality of all there is in that moment. This frequency is always obtainable to you in every confrontation, whether this is of mind or body. The music will be observed in its true essence when a person has consciously looked beyond the experience.

This may sound very strange but it is only possible to actually know what is happening when you go beyond what is happening. The song of life and its soothing melody is always playing in the background of our daily activities; regardless how good or bad a situation is first labeled.

You are the Song of Life!

I do not wish to suggest something to you that is impossible to appreciate. You may be thinking that it is so easy for me to say these words when I am experiencing rainfall. But what happens in a situation that is not so pleasant? Is it still possible to sense the song of life vibrating through your being in such a moment?

No and yes would be the appropriate answer. There will be experiences that do not offer an open portal to life conscious energy. However, with practice, the mind will no longer dominate any given situation. You may lose the conscious self for a brief period during an extremely thought provocative or emotional encounter but this confusion will not last long. The key is to stay oriented on universal consciousness and not on mind content.  The instruments needed for the song of life are always there and will play the song that you wish to hear. You decide, through active participation, what will be heard.

Best wishes


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