Soup of the Day

No, contrary to the title I am not opening a restaurant that offers a soup of the day. However I do wish to share an experience with you about how everyday activities can be helpful signposts on the path to conscious living. Why does the mind always want more even when there is no need for more? Here I am referring to more of anything. I learned a spiritually beneficial lesson in conscious living though the simple act of preparing soup.

It began many years ago. I was very active and participated in bodybuilding, marathon running and mountain climbing. My diet had always varied slightly and offered the needed supplements and food groups for these activities.

I often experimented with many different low fat recipes and discovered a soup mixture that gave me the needed carbohydrates each day. I prepared noodles in hot water, herbs and cheese. It always tasted different depending on the herbs and cheese. I would always drain the broth before adding the cheese. It was always a delicious meal.

There came a day however when I started to add more ingredients to the soup. I can now say that in hindsight it is clear to me why I added new things to the soup. This can be explained in three words. I was unaware.

The Soup of Life

This may sound too easy when expressed this way but life is simple and easy. This is equally true for the experiences we have in life. Our existence could harmonize with life more readily if we were more aware of living consciously.

The rule is to carry as little as possible.
– Henry David Thoreau

The soup with noodles, herbs and cheese tasted great and gave me all that I needed for my active lifestyle. However I became unaware and confused by thoughts and corresponding reactions to these thoughts. This resulted in me adding more ingredients and I always had an unsettling demand for more; although I was actually fulfilled. Does this sound like something that you experience from time to time in different activities?

I remained unaware of my behavior until one day when I observed myself wanting to add more to the soup than I could possibly eat. It sudden seemed as if I was standing at an open window where I could look out into endless space. I became very aware. It became obvious that I was automatically adding more and more simple because I could. This may be what happens to us in our day to day experiences. The mind causes a state of conditioned reaction and behavior. We become automated and don’t realize that awareness to consciousness would change everything.

Best wishes

P.S. The link from Psychology Today shares insight into experiencing happiness through having less instead of more.
Happiness and Contentment



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