Space: Journey beyond the Mind

What is Space? There are many ideas and visions that appear in the mind when we refer to space. A famous quote about space was made by William Shatner (Captain Kirk) during the introduction to the original Star Trek TV show. The show began with “Space, the final frontier…” Space is defined as “a continuous area or expanse that is free, available or unoccupied”.

A more precise explanation is provided by Wikipedia: “Space is a boundless, three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction.” 

I experienced something the other day that clearly illustrated the applications of space and consciousness. There are three bottles consisting of hand soap, body cream and shampoo on the bathroom cabinet in my apartment. These bottles are close to each other on the shelf in a row. There is nothing on the right or left side of these three bottles. I removed the body cream bottle from the middle. I put the bottle back on the cabinet shelf when I was finished with it; but not in the middle. Instead I put it next to the bottle of shampoo on the right side. My mind did not like what I did.

How did the mind react to my actions? My brain protested immediately. The Space between the hand soap and shampoo was something the mind didn’t want to experience. The mind was conditioned not to accept this sudden change in the bottle arrangement order. I reached for the body cream bottle because the mind told me it does not belong on the right side of the other bottles; then I stopped and laughed out loud. I realized how silly the mind was behaving.

Space is Consciousness

Now let’s put this into life awareness perspective. My first instinctive reaction was to simply put the bottle that I had removed back on the shelf. I was free of thought activity in that moment. I was even beyond localized (life-form) consciousness and was completely engulfed in universal consciousness. It would be more accurate and simplified to say that I “was” energy consciousness (the totality) in that instant. I was in the space of conscious continuity or expansion. There were no boundaries to my state of being.

There was a natural sense of space within this experience. However the mind attempted to overthrow this free-flowing consciousness by injecting thought patterns and conditioned factors into the situation with the bottles.

The experience of flowing naturally with life energy is usually interrupted by the mind. A life-form is truly conscious when it does not react so intensely to the activities of the mind but rather stays aware of what is happening now. “Conscious” space is perhaps the real final frontier.

Best wishes to everyone




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