Spice of Awareness: The Flavor of Life

We usually consider a spice to be something that adds flavor or taste to food. There is, however, another meaning for this word that relates to our considerations into enlightenment. A spice is something that gives zest; such as a zest for life.

Breathing could be regarded as a spice or better said, a gateway to conscious living and universal enlightenment. I would like to share a personal experience with you before I continue. I was cleaning my apartment the other day and had just wiped a mirror.

Thereby I noticed my reflection in the mirror and instantly focused on my mouth, more so the air that was being inhaled and exhaled. I cannot explain how it happened but my complete consciousness was focused on the experience of breathing. I felt the air entering and expanding in my body. This felt for me, for lack of a better word, as if breathing was the spice of life that gave it depth and flavor.

Spice of Life

It was very clear in that moment that I would not be experiencing life without this breathe that accented it. This can naturally be interpreted in various manners. It was obvious for me that I can feel life in its fullest when I am consciously aware of breathing. This is a spice that gives life a zestfulness or magic.

More specifically breathing is the spice that brings out the true essence of life by reminding us of our origin. It is a portal to become actively aware of living. There are naturally details of our existence as an object in time and space that require our attention. These are, however spiritually insignificant in reference to existing in harmony with life.

We become enlightened by remembering the origin of the self, the oneness of life. Therefore spiritual enlightenment is experienced through the complete understanding of a situation. Observing your breath is the spice of life that can initiate the blossoming of conscious living.

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