Spirit in the Sky: In Us or Where?

Children seem to know instinctively that what they are shown and taught every day can’t be the one real truth. A child is usually shown a one-way path that involves being assimilated into human society. The fact that we are truly one spirit remains unchanged, but it is misinterpreted. We are perhaps just taught in an upside-down way. Generally we are taught that there is a spirit in us and all living things. However would it be possible that we are a person in the spirit; universally speaking?  Our interpretation of the spirit is in actuality the human consciousness. We have furthermore confused human consciousness with universal consciousness.


The world is in us. We are this whole world and universe, not just as a human being. Acknowledging and confining ourselves to the level of a human being automatically restricts us. We then believe only the things relevant to this human world existence. We, as a unit or species, then share this belief, which is then given to the universe. It is absorbed by the universal energy and given back to us in the form of countless misinterpretations about life. That which we give out is that which we will receive. Perhaps it would be appropriate to say that we are first spirit, and secondly a human form. More often than not, we interpret this in exactly the opposite way.

As children, we are usually told that we are a person of this world. We are then told that we have a spirit and that there is a God. This holy triangle has not truly been questioned for thousands of years. There may be small variations to this order among cultures and religions, but the primary components are constant. We are told that we once belonged to something pure, something that is greater than we are. This is how we are instructed.

Spirit of Life

We are told that we may indeed some day reach this pureness. We are also told that this pureness can only be reached if we work hard and obey all the rules set down by God and humankind. Therefore some of these ideas and rules may have validity for us as humans. Some of these rules may even actually originate from our true unity with the universal spirit. However the meaning and clarity has simply been manipulated and twisted to fit the needs and demands of a human world.

It would be possible to write page after page of all the contributing influences, demands and desires, from a personal and societal level, which we are taught as children. This, of course, continues into adulthood and until the point of our death as a body.

Our true form is the oneness of life. It may be correct to say that we express “life” through this human being, but this human form is not life itself. How could our human form be life? Our form consists of substances that break down and return to their original state. There is only one life at ground zero, which is the source. It manifests itself through all forms.

Best wishes

P.S. I have included two songs; “Spirit in the Sky” from Norman Greenbaum and “We Didn’t Start the Fire” from Billy Joel. The songs, although somewhat relevant to this article, are meant as a “time out” for all the hippies out there.


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