Spirit of Life: A Flowing Stream

We have truly forgotten what is needed to open the door to our true nature as spirit. This could imply that we have become relatively non-active in all aspects of the spirit; we have lost the ability to feel the spirit. We have disassociated from it. It has become very difficult to enjoy the gifts provided by the universal consciousness. It is quite simple to say that we are spirit. Saying it is quite simple; being aware of it proves to be much more difficult for most of us.

Unfortunately, humankind’s conditioning has caused us to behave in a manner that usually complicates everything in our human existence. A person cannot simply accept this truth and live it. It can be really confusing for us to grasp and it would seem that trying to understand the spirit only confuses us even more. Is the oneness of life really that complex? I prefer to say that it is not as complex as it appears. Mankind’s evolution has given us the opportunity to reach the next stage of object consciousness.

We can never return to a basic form of existence or consciousness, such as that of many animal species. It might be better for humanity if we could return to a simpler form. Animals have a consciousness that does not try to understand aspects of its given life form such as the spirit. These life-forms simply experience life as it is and not how they wish or think it should be. What would really be needed for us to return to this simplified form of life? It is obvious that we cannot physically return to a lower stage of evolution. What is done is done. Would it be possible to reeducate the mind and this, in turn, would also reeducate the body?

Spirit: Body and Mind

Body and mind seem to be one, and they relate to each other on levels that too few of us are able to comprehend. We have been “shown so much” from the moment we are born. We have been told and shown by example what is right and wrong. This has caused the body to accept what the mind has told it. Is this really how life should be?

Do we have no choice but to continue doing and believing in what we have been conditioned to accept as true or false? Is it possible to let go of all that we know as a human being? Would it then be possible to experience our true self, which manifests itself through our human form?

Spirit of Life

What would it be like to just let go of all that we believe about existing as a human being, and just live? These are a few of the questions each of us may ask from time to time. Many of you may have heard this statement: “Being in the world but not of it.” Life is about experiencing not conceiving. We are blessed with the gift of life. Now is the time to actively become aware of this precious endowment. The moment has come to consciously awaken and change how we see ourselves; thus we change the universe.

Best wishes

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