Spiritual Being: Don’t forget to be Human

We can not avoid being human, at least not existentially. The spiritual essence that is within all objects is our true nature but we tend to forget this fact. This puts us in a daily no win – no win existence dilemma.


We usually, without realizing it, reject and wish to avoid the part of our being that is human. This is evident in the manner by which we experience our self (thoughts, emotions) and the universe around us on both human and spiritual perspectives.

What is meant by this statement is that it often seems that we do not truly acknowledge what we are in any given moment. The human side of our true manifestation as a spiritual being is therefore tormented by the search for balance and serenity.

These behaviors in addition to other human characteristics condition us to be unhappy, frustrated and often resentful of our own state of being human. We often interpret ourselves as being not good enough or incomplete. We literally crucify the part of us that exists as a human being without really knowing what it means to be human.

Spiritual being is about You

Therefore we disregard that we are actually a spiritual universality that is conscious of its own being. The true manifested bliss of our spiritual essence suffers and remains obscured or completely hidden due to our existential misinterpretations.

The unlearning of and relearning beyond our conditioned state of human being is a process that requires acceptance of who you are, both as a person and a spiritual being. The human object aspect of our existence can be a beneficial asset to experiencing our true state of spiritual manifestation.

This is possible when we are willing and able to accept this moment. The person is experiencing his or her true nature as a spiritual entity of universal proportion. This will eventually allow the human detail importance that is superimposed onto our true nature to fade away. This will result in pure conscious bliss shining through into more of our experiences.

Best wishes

P.S. The included link from Psychology Today offers ideas into the search for meaning in life.
The Search for Meaning


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