Spiritual Energy: Sexual Bliss

Did your eyebrow rise as you read the title of this article because it seems strange to see spirituality and sexuality together? Sex is often associated with lust, passion, obsession and greed. Furthermore, it is a component of our existence that can either enslave us or liberate us. This is generally correct for any aspect of our existence. Your state of presence decides how you will perceive and respond to any situation. Nevertheless, I can assure you that sexuality is interwoven with mind and spiritual energy.


Therefore it is obvious that sexuality can manifest itself either strictly from a state of mind or from a state of spiritual life energy. This energy is constantly present in our existence. However, how we focus our awareness will determine the outcome. It may still be difficult for the mind to grasp that sex and spirituality can go hand and hand.

It is beneficial, for the natural flow of spiritual life energy, to allow the mind activities and to use it for practical purposes. The mind should not be something that we oppose or consider a problem. Its conditioned behavior can, however, be very manipulative for a person that is not consciously awakened. Most people shift from mind to conscious awareness on a daily basis but are not able to remain within this frequency. This is also typical in sexual activities. The mind unfortunately dominates during these encounters.

Spiritual Blissfulness

Nevertheless many people have experienced a moment of total unification with another person and with spiritual energy during sex. There is a feeling of blissfulness during such an experience. You may have then asked yourself how was this possible and why don’t I experience this sensation more often? We could ponder on aspects that restrict the flow of conscious energy. The mind will gladly give you countless assumptions or reasons. However, it is more beneficial not to look for a reason and to simple allow the moment to unfold.

The interaction with someone during sex is never about expectations, wants or demands. Furthermore it is never truly about the physical intercourse; at least not in reference to spiritual life energy. The key to experiencing bliss is in acknowledging the harmonious unification between two people in that moment. It is about giving, receiving and allowing this spiritual frequency to intensify. Naturally this is also the portal to experiencing bliss in all human activities; regardless of how the mind may label any given situation. The key to bliss is in how you choose to experience life; from mind or spirit. It is your choice.

Best wishes


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