Spirituality, Religion, Science: Oh My!

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my! This is the dialogue for a scene from The Wizard of Oz in1939. Do you recall Dorothy, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow shaking with fear as they encountered the Cowardly Lion? This statement can be used as a signpost to conscious living. However we will substitute lions, tigers and bears with spirituality, religion and science.

The conditioned reactions that we have for such words are evident in most aspects of our daily activities. Hence we recite the thoughts offered to us by the mind in a repetitive manner and are often oblivious to what is occurring in the present moment. Therefore please do not misconstrue the title of this article. It really has nothing to do with spirituality, religion or science per se on the level of interpretations or definitions.

Beyond Spirituality

A reference to spirituality can and should only be made with the acknowledgement that the word, any word, can never explain something with any true accuracy; especially life conscious energy. We have a deep innate union with the universe through the manifestation of energy in all objects. It is not essential for us to deem this frequency as vibrating with life energy because this is its natural state.

There is something to be experienced in this space and it has the potential to be conscious of itself. Furthermore it is possible that this vibrating realm of unmanifested energy first becomes conscious of itself when a given life-form has reached a higher degree of self-consciousness. Imagine if an asteroid had not eliminated the dinosaurs. Consciousness is considered to have only been present at a minimum level in dinosaurs and early mammals. Therefore human beings may have started down their evolutionary path much later or not at all if it had not been for the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Oh, I see that I am rambling on but what I wish to suggest is the significance to be experienced in conscious awareness to what is beyond the details of our existence. We have reached a deeper stage of object consciousness that offers free choice. Therefore this means that active awareness allows us to differentiate between repetitive thoughts and free-will conscious living. The now and any given moment provide the key to remaining present through active awareness. Spirituality can be considered the recognition of our enlightened state as a divine being.

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