Spontaneous Jump and Run Writing Style

What is the “Spontaneous Jump and Run Writing Style”?

Hello everyone, I was just writing some new material for the second manuscript that I hope to publish next year. This will be book two of a three book series. The publishing work will begin next week on the first manuscript. I would like to share a little about the first book in a later blog entry. I noticed something as I was writing down paragraphs in the manuscript. Today was the first time that I could feel what type of writing style I use. I have decided to call my writing style technique “Spontaneous jump and Run Writing”. I must admit that I dubbed this name from computer games that are programmed on a similar principle. I feel that this best describes the method I have unknowingly developed. I was able to clearly see this today as I looked over the first chapter draft.

I; as many of you, have a vivid imagination. I see creativity and fantasy in the simplest of human experiences and situation. Then “Boom” an idea for a story explodes in my head. The storyteller in me sees an opportunity for telling a story. The ideas associated with a story inspiration fly around in my head looking for an outlet. This is when it would be good to go with this inspiration, entirely. I had mentioned this in an earlier blog entry. I seem to use this same pattern for a manuscript chapter material and or characters.

I sit down with my written notes. (I find it very useful to always have a small paper notebook handle for writing down story ideas. Most people may prefer to start tipping their story ideas and inspirations in a cell phone or tablet. I am somewhat old fashion. I prefer scribbling down spontaneous story ideas in a paper notebook. It somehow connects me psychologically with writers throughout our history.) I never really plan what I wish to write on a given day or session. I may have the intention to write about a given idea, but often I don’t.

I review what I have written during the last writing session. Then I simply write what flows through me onto the paper. This flow continues in a natural kind of way. This may result in me writing two, five or ten pages. The spontaneous creative flow may transform as only one or two sentences. There is no given absolute. This next phase is what I find to be so interesting.

Spontaneous Creativity

I always write using the same pattern just mentioned for the first phase. The next phase involves connecting the dots. I look over several pages of written material. I then somehow see invisible dots connecting different paragraphs that I had initially and very spontaneously written down. What I then usually experience is a story line that seems to appear out of the different pieces.

I then adjust the written content accordingly. It is similar to putting a puzzle together. In the very beginning (initial story inspiration) I can somehow see the entire finished story puzzle. The problem is that I have scattered the story pieces in such a manner that they can not just simple be placed side by side and snapped together. It feels as if I randomly recall the entire story puzzle from time to time. This is when I experience the seemingly unconnected writing entries in the chapter content. These story paragraphs/pages later seem to almost magically blend together such as a puzzle. This results in the finished story line.

I feel very connected to the creative flow of life during these writing phases. This is after all our normal conscious state. I am only now realizing the writing potential involved in this fact. This method may work for you, give it a try. I really like referring to this as a jump and run method of writing and feel the inspiration to jump and take off running with it. I am still developing my writing style and skills in unison with my growing awareness of the natural creative flow. I would be delighted to have feedback on your ideas and experiences in story inspirations and story line development. Please write and share your feelings about these areas.

Best wishes

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