Star wars: Is the magic gone?

It would seem that the magic behind The Force has disappeared. It has been dissolved through the rolling fabricating wheels of a franchise. Walt Disney is known and loved the world over. The original owner Walt Disney had a dream. This was also the magical beginning of Star Wars. George Lucas had a dream. He had a clear understanding of what Star Wars would symbolize.

Star Wars is based on the essence of good and evil. It is about choosing between good or bad, doing right or doing wrong and also training ourselves to accept life as it is. I have a feeling that this magic has faded away with the take over of Star Wars by Walt Disney.

I wish to express that what I write here is strictly my feelings and opinion. I also do not wish to imply that the new Star Wars Saga is good or bad; it is however definitely different.

I have not as yet seen the film. I am relying on the opinions concerning the movie that a very close friend gave me. His very words were “The movie does not have the original Star Wars magic”. He continued by saying that the new movie does not have any true relevance with the original idea of choosing between good or evil. The essence of The Force is lacking in the new movie; choosing which path to take and existing in unity with life.

We have all witness the beauty, fantasy and spectacular movie effects provided by Walt Disney and the talents of J.J. Abrams. The real magic of Star Wars was giving to us through the dream and visions of one man; George Lucas. The content of Star Wars is evident in the new movie but the true vision of Stars Wars is missing. George Lucas gave us the opportunity to feel The Force; to be one with The Force. The new movie may have all the makings of a spectacular space adventure; but does it still have the original Star Wars magic that George Lucas shared with us through his visions…the dream? Is The Force still with us?

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