Static in the Air: Do you feel it?


Static, static and more static, it sounds almost as contagious as stress, stress and more stress. This word entails much more than I first realized. I am reminded of several discussions from Eckhart Tolle. He reminds us that the “word”; any word, is never “it”. This is also very true for the word static. Let us; for sake of our discussion, consider how we can use the term static in context to spirituality. More so, we can reflect on the usage of this word in reference to the totality or energy frequency of the universe.

There are several definitions for this word. The meaning is always slightly different according to the applied usage. This word is often used in areas of science as well as computer science. Its definition varies depending on its use in a given sentence. One definition of static is: Showing little or no change, lacking movement or development. This would be interesting to consider from a spiritual standpoint.

However our discussion is based on “static” in terms of electrical interference and frequency disturbance. I am a person that enjoys observing. This may be done by going inward to observe or to go outward to everything that is surrounding me. There are different approaches to going inward or outward in terms of observation. We are generally observing from one of two different perspectives. We observe from the human mental, emotional and physical perspective (This is typically how we see ourselves and the universe.) Or we can view ourselves and the field of totality from within this dimension. This is what we commonly call the self or oneness.

I finished work today. There were several errands that I did on the way home from work. There was something that could be felt on the way home. We might say that there was “something in the air”. Many of the people I encountered on the way home were overwhelmed by what we can term as static. This “static” was easily felt when observed from the within the field of totality. Observing anything from the field of oneness is possible for everyone. Many individuals are becoming more and more aware of the possibilities within this field of oneness (life energy frequency). Many more people are shifting the angle of perception toward this energy frequency instead of remain within definitions, assumptions, beliefs and general content of our human existence.

This energy frequency is always there. We can tap in to it. We are; through the manifestation of this life energy through all forms, a part of this frequency. We are engulfed in it constantly. Awareness to this frequency opens the channel or portal to it without the human content friction. The static referred to in this article is related specifically to the discharge of brain energy / human consciousness energy in correlation with the frequency of life energy. This static is what many of us sense but often are not aware enough to understand what is happening. Today was such a day for me. There was something in the air.

Everywhere and everyone that I encountered on the way home from work revealed that there was a “static” interfering with the field of universal energy. This interference was very obvious. Everyone I spoke with came to the same conclusion. “There is something in the air.” It felt similar to what is called static electricity. It should be understood that this static disturbance in not actually in the “air”. This interference is disrupting the frequency field of life energy consciousness. But where does it originate?

Now before I continue writing on and on and on, I wish to ask you one or two questions. What do you think about this “something” in the air that is often felt individually and collectively? What is it?  Does this disturbance originate strictly from the level of life-form based energy output, from the level of universal oneness energy manifestation through an object or from both?

Best wishes to everybody

P.S. The video from Eckhart Tolle is not directly related to energy static. He discusses the transformation from human content based to universal consciousness based. It is very inspiring.

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