Stillness Speaks Loudly: Are you listening?

I had recently written an article about the search for the oneness of life consciousness through a type of frequency channel flipping. Why do we search? How would it be if we just stop flipping the channels? What would happen if we just stopped searching and demanding to find what we have already? We might try focusing on the one frequency that we instinctively feel is true. This would mean first being aware of our constant mind channel flipping. Then we could try to truly listen to that voice or certain gut feeling that overcomes us in a given moment of universal stillness.


This stillness could then be our focus point. When we know that we have located the universal harmony frequency, we may try to adjust our field of focus even more. If our level of awareness is high enough, we may see the significance of this one frequency. We may begin to fathom the essence of it. We may see the truth and become the truth.

You may do this by seeing all the things around you as being part of you. These other things are not really other things; these things are also you. This may sound confusing and even counterproductive, but by doing this, we can bring all things to this one level. We induce togetherness. We inspire oneness.

Then we may wish to just float away; consciously speaking. We should realize that, if we just let go and float away, the world around us might be able to just let go and do the same. The demands and wants may then slow down. This would allow us to feel the vibration that is the universal harmony of life. This soothing, refreshing feeling would be accepted as normal. We are this stillness; together with the world of humankind but not of it. We could then observe this human experience as we are floating in the oneness of conscious life energy. The frequency may then become clearer and the static may slowly disappear. We may make a mind-shattering discovery if we can stay attuned to this universal frequency.

Stillness Speaks Constantly

Staying attuned to the one frequency will open up a new level of conscious awareness. This is the next step, which is vital for humankind. This step would allow us to understand universal intelligence. It would mean that much less life energy would be wasted on the continual channel flipping. We would once again hear how stillness speaks. Stillness is always speaking through vibrations that are felt even among the chaos of human content. It may allow a much clearer understanding of what this universal frequency has to give us. Even better, we may then be in a position to accept what the universal frequency is offering us. We could then feel that this oneness is giving us all that we need. Furthermore this would allow the meaning and purpose of our human existence to be felt in relation to the oneness.


This existence as a human may then seem much more pleasurable. The human existence may even take on a level of care freeness that we always thought could only be reached in a dream or in a paradise such as in the story of Adam and Eve. This may sound like an unattainable vision. I truly feel that this is our given birthright. We exist now as a human for this very reason. This is our universal purpose.


Best wishes

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