Everyone has heard of stillness. The Merriam Dictionary gives us this definition: A state of freedom from storm or disturbance. This is an interesting clarification of the word. I have read different explanations / definitions of stillness; I liked the above definition better than the others. Our understanding of a world called stillness is quite often misused in our daily activities. We can not encourage stillness to happen. This is however exactly what we repeatedly attempt to do. You may have heard parents saying “be still” to their children. Another adage is: “The stillness of the forest was so loud.”

The word “stillness” is once again another word that has been used by human beings to explain the unexplainable. But we seem to be overlooking something important. Stillness is a constant; just as life is a constant. The conceptual definitions we use only confuse and complicate our existence. Stillness is really just another attempt at relating to the essence of life. We struggle, restrict and control our actions in the search for stillness. This dimension is always there ready to blossom into a radiant existence experience. It most definitely is not created through our species gestures nor can we influence the realm of stillness. We can however accept it. This well eventually allow feeling it.

Should we develop a conditioned behavior that insists on using a word to validate something that is always present in our existence? Do we really need to do this? No, but we have conditioned ourselves into believing that we do. Stillness is to be found in the portal of this moment. You will not find it anywhere else. We insist on conditioning ourselves into using methods such as verbal instructions, music and meditation to reach stillness. These are perhaps beneficial as signpost; but will never give us long – standing serenity. The energy which we produce to accomplish such behavior could be used to enrich our awareness of how to experience this field of stillness that is already there.

Imagine remaining grounded in this dimension regardless of any situation; good or bad, right or wrong … How long you remain on the outside depends on your awareness of life. It is all just a mental diversion. We all within the space of stillness in every moment of our existence. It is only the mind that has made us “think” that this is not true.

Best wishes

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