Stop Doing What You are Doing…Do Something that is in the Now

Stop during what you are doing. Have you heard this sentence before? This may have been something that your parents told you often. I recently overheard a conversation. The discussion was centered around this topic.

Don’t waste this precious Moment (the now) by spending too much time doing non-productive things”. The first individual told the other to “Stop doing what you are doing. You are wasting this precious moment”.


I must confess that I was intrigued by the conversation. The moment in our existence is not really significant; would you agree? Perhaps I should rephrase this sentence. The “moment” is never about the “moment”. It is about being conscious of the moment. It is not the content (what, who, why) of the moment. It is rather about “how” we experience this one ever-lasting moment. It would therefore seem incorrect to suggest that a person should stop doing one thing and do something “else” that has been deemed a sufficient manner by which someone should experience this “moment”.

I repeat “The experience is never really about the moment itself”. This is only a predefined means that is used to measure the experience / our existence. We could use the example of a tree growing leaves in the spring to support this idea. The tree neither knows the moment nor even the experience itself. The leaves simple are appear.

Stop and Feel the Now

Suggesting that the tree does not have a mind / consciousness and therefore can not know what is happen may first sound acceptable. This statement does not however validate whether it is essential for the tree to consider the moment in which it grows the leaves. It simple happens.

The concept of stopping one thing to do another may often cause a conflict in spiritual expansion. It is not about “what” we are doing but “how” we are doing it.

What a person (life-form) does in the “now” should be witnessed (awareness), accepted (release of all wishes, wants and demands) and then allowed (become the moment) in whatever form it will take.

Best wishes to everyone

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