Storybook Experiences

Stories, stories and more stories; everyone loves a good story. It is not only true that we all love to hear a good story; it seems that we all love to tell a good story. The stories we tell are part of our own personal storybook. This storybook has been written by you and is only for you. It is the combined experiences of your existence. The story can only be written by you because you are the creator of it. No one can fully experience this story because you have orchestrated it according to your design.


There would normally be no story or storybook if we were able to experience the moment consciously and not mind-made. Anything other than the conscious isness of now is a story. We create the paragraphs, the chapters and the storybook itself from our memories, interpretations and expectations. It is a book of fiction that is mostly structured according to the minds interaction with life. It must be fiction; although it does seem very tangible. Nothing in this storybook can or could have actually “happen” unless we decide that it has happen.

Storybook of the Mind

You may be saying, “What are you talking about Steve?” “I am not responsible for the people, situations or experiences that occur in each moment.” It is true that any individual cannot truly change the behavior of a person or the content of a situation. However it is possible for each person to change his or her point of perspective in each moment. It is very difficult for the mind to accept that “nothing” and “everything” is happening in each second. The key is in realizing that it is each person’s conscious awareness that determines the outcome.

Nothing is really “happening” until we start to tell our story through memory, interpretation or expectation. This is how the storybook of our existence is established. We started writing this story from the moment of birth. We are not only carrying our own individual storybook with us but also the storybooks of all other human beings throughout human history. Now you know why you often feel fatigued, frustrated or perplexed. This is because each person carries his or her personal baggage and the baggage of humanity as a colossal fictional storybook.

The mind-made story of our existence is as make-believe as the movies and books we read and watch. Even the stories based on actually events are in essence a fictional baggage that we carry with us. The isness of now is different; it simply is. You, me… everyone and everything experience the moment as it is. That’s it; there is nothing more to consider. It is not as likely that a storybook can be written when a person is fully absorbed in the “now” of each blink of an eye. The mind may continue to scream for attention through random outbursts of thoughts, emotions and ego but this will subside as a person practices staying in the now.


Best wishes to everyone, I wish you a happy and safe New Years Eve with joy and good health for 2017.


P.S. Here is an example that we can use to illustrate the benefits of staying in the now without any reference to the storybook or our existence.

The isness of the moment can be compared to receiving an empty box. You are truly aware that you have an empty box when you are consciously awake. You see the box for what it is in that moment. The unconscious person will likely say “What do I want with an empty box?” There will often be expectations, frustrations or joy associated with receiving the box.

The awakened person may however experience heightened creativity, more conscious space and even more awareness to the isness of the moment. Many of us have experienced this as children. A child, when given an empty box, often will concentrate solely on what is there; the empty box. A child is usually fully absorbed in the isness of that encounter. What does this mean? This means that the conscious awareness of the moment is heightened by the actuality of the event and spontaneous creativity occurs. The empty box will sudden become a sport car, fire truck or a spaceship. There is no limit to what a person may imagine and create when the box is empty. (Metaphorically this suggests that a mind that is free and absorbed in the moment will experience life on a one to one basis.)


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