Storywriter: Tell me a Story!

You are looking at a storywriter every time you look into a mirror. This person has the mental capacity to write story after story, moment to moment and day by day.  Thereby it is to be understood that these stories are only written in the mind. There are mental bookcases upon bookcases stored within the mind. The Library of Congress currently has 16 million books. This is a water drop in a bucket compared to the accumulated array of chapters, stories, and books that you have collected in the mind.


It is interesting to note that these stories and mental books are exclusively “yours”. There are many characters, both good and bad in your stories. Additionally, there are vast selections of story genres; drama, adventure, and emotional, to name a few. And you, as the storywriter, have an exclusive copyright. This enormous collection of personal and collective stories belongs to you. Wow, that is marvelous. Or is it?

The brain is an incredible body organ that can process huge amounts of information simultaneously. This is fine, when considering it strictly from the level of brain data processing; but what about beyond our mental and physical field of existence? Here we can say that flowing conscious life energy is constantly diverted for the sole purpose of reviewing, redefining and caring for the stories of the mind. This life energy could be experienced as active conscious awareness to the now. Instead we are conditioned to use it for selecting old mind stories and for writing new stories in every moment. It is not easy being a storywriter but humankind has had a lot of practice doing this on personal and collective levels.

Storywriter Tells Stories

Wonderful, we are all mental storywriters. How does this affect us in our daily experiences? This can best be considered from two perspectives. The stored experiences of our existence are useful for dealing with other people and situations. This type of stored information is however not bound in a book cover as a story until you as the storywriter “make” it a story. This could be compared to reading a book and suddenly, for whatever reason, you think or believe that you are a character in this story…instead of the observer.

This, in a nutshell, is what happens each time the conditioned librarian of the mind retrieves a story to use as an orientation point for a current situation. The storywriter gets confused into believe that he or she is the story instead of the writer. This quickly develops into a pattern of dependence or necessity to always define every new encounter by using a stored mind story. The conditioned assumption is that you are still the same person that was typecast for the stored story that you have been given by the librarian.


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