Success: What is it?

Human beings are susceptible to conditioned mind patterns. These occur constantly and is first noticed when we become actively conscious of the moment. I observed the minds activities today and was able to accept and allow the moment to be. Conditioned mind patterns, in general, are often triggered by memories of thoughts and emotions about something that is no longer real. However the mind insists that what you think or feel is actually happening. What happened to me today was directly connected with something we call success; or lack of success.


I sensed a rapid shift in my behavior as this happened. I have felt a struggle between mind and consciousness over the last few days. Today was the showdown; mind against active awareness to consciousness. Success is defined by the mind as an important component of our existence. I had been reflecting on the course of events that have unfolded up to this present moment. The mind used thoughts, feeling and the ego in an attempt to manipulate the state of awareness I was experiencing in the present. The minds distractions consisted mainly of thoughts and emotional eruptions associated with one main thought “Are you successful?”

Success is Life

Examples of these thoughts and emotions were “Have you achieved success?” and “What does your son think of you?” This really confused me. However it also indicated that I was becoming aware of what the mind was doing. Then I witnessed the shift back to active consciousness. I redirected awareness to my son; not so much my son but that which is his essence. I “know” that he never ponders such things as “Is my father successful?” Then I became very aware of life (I don’t know how to express it any other way.) I consciously felt my son smiling. I could sense him hugging me.

This opened a portal to life. I realized that success is not something a person achieves. You and I are success, in all manner of speaking. I truly do not have any way of expressing this to you. I will try to express it through these words. All objects manifest, thus express, life energy. It is consciousness in a purer form. We have already reached the highest level of anything even similar to what we call success. This happens in every second of our existence. This is true success.

Greetings to everyone

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