Suffering Is a Mind Illusion

We are confronted by countless situations each moment. The mind will often tell you that many of these experiences are bad and that you are suffering. However the true self has the power to be aware of the mind’s activities and not take these thoughts and emotions too seriously. We, as well as other objects are unified through the manifestation of life. It is possible for us to awaken and nurture this dimension of life energy consciousness. The opposite of this would be to allow object consciousness to remain imprisoned by the mind. The key is to realize that it is always a choice and each person can choose.


This seems very difficult, especially when a person first becomes more aware of consciousness. However it is a process that will result in the blossoming of active awareness to life. This will happen as the mind’s activities are realized and accepted for what they are and nothing more. You may hit your finger with a hammer and it will hurt. Nevertheless this is pain and not suffering.

The body can experience discomfort and hurt. The mind is stimulated by this experience. The memories of countless pain from the past are activated. However the mind easier confuses pain with suffering. A person will then focus on conditioned thoughts, emotions and other sensory behavior patterns. These have nothing to do with pain. Pain is usually temporary. Suffering is only an inflection of the mind but can eventually result in mental and bodily harm.

A person will and can only suffer when he or she allows the minds activities to overshadow the present situation. Pain, as a life-form in a universe of objects, is unavoidable but suffering is a choice.

Pain is not Suffering

Living consciously becomes easier as a person focuses on presence. The energy vibrations are always rippling outward and this can nurture conscious awakening in other objects.

The simple process of your conscious awakening provides the opportunity for all objects to awaken; whether any given object is aware of this energy vibration or not is ultimately insignificant. However it will naturally become more evident as an entity becomes more conscious of consciousness. You, I and any person can experience the freedom of space consciousness beyond the restrictions of the mind.

Please focus on this simple realization. There is only every now and how you interact with this moment decides everything that you are experiencing. There will be bodily pain but suffering is option. However it will first clearly be seen as a choice when you have untangled yourself from the minds conditioning patterns.

Thereby allow the true self that is beyond the mind to awaken, observe and experience yourself and the universe around you. Universal consciousness will experience itself freely as the portal to conscious awareness opens wider.

Best wishes


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