Summer Time around the World

The splendor of nature is often taken for granted. The changing of the seasons emphasize the majestic natural beauty of this world. This can be seen in every blade of grass and in each tree swaying in the gentle breeze. Summer time is considered to be a season of long days and hot weather. Additionally people are generally more carefree during this period.

Summer time is held dearly in the hearts of many people because we associate a sense of freedom with this season. There are memories of childhood, vacation, festivals and so much more. Nature, in particular, is vibrating at a higher level during this period. This offers us an opportunity to experience Mother Nature first-hand. It is therefore easier for us to consciously unity with each moment as it unfolds naturally. It is during a moment in summer that we can attune to the song of life that is being sung.

Summer Song

The summer song of life is ringing out.
The days are longer and there is no doubt.
Spring has come and gone.
However the sunny season is still singing on.

There is a breeze in the air.
The children are running here and there.
They play and scurry about.
No need to worry; no need to shout.
The children simply have fun in the sun.

The families gather from far and wide.
A feast is prepared for all to share.
There are picnics with good food and cool lemonade.
The men relax in the shade of a tree.
Here they boast of days gone by and those to come.
The women sit not far away.
They ponder on loved ones and friends.
The children jump and swim without a care.
Everyone knows that summer is here.

A gentle breeze offers the fragrance of late summer.
The evening approaches as a campfire is lit.
The day was long and everyone has had fun.
The evening meal is served as uncle John plays the guitar.
The twilight engulfs the landscape as the fireflies dance.

The children anticipate the thrills yet to come.
There are marshmallows to be baked and hotdogs to be eaten.
Thereby it is possible to hear the chirping of crickets.
The melody is soothing as the night slowly begins.
The stars twinkle as the children slowly gaze above.

The campfire dances in their eyes.
They stare into the sky and wonder why.
The sunny time has been fun.
However we know that it is almost done.

Summer Time

Why must it end is the question often asked.
A flower blossoms in spring; but few ask why?
However we ask why a leaf falls in autumn?
Why is there birth and why is there death?
The questions seem so many.
The answers, however, are often few.

Life should not be questioned.
Life is a song that is to be sung.
You can sing along or you can ask why.
The first choice will give you peace.
The second, however, can imprison you.

Listen now to the song of life.
Surprisingly you will hear your song.
It is the melody that you compose.
It is your song; this you should never doubt.
You are the conductor; now sing it out.
The rhythm will change to the beat of your heart.
Let the universe know what life is really about.


It is possible to experience enlightenment when we realize that life is playing the song that we create. Life is not happening to us; we are happening to it. Furthermore it may seem that something happens that does not benefit you. However this is only because we are often out of tune with the energy of life that flows through all objects.

Best wishes

P.S. This poem will be included with many others in my third book “Love: Is It a Passion or an Obsession?” Likewise the book will share ideas and insight about love and its role in our life. Similarly there are topics about spiritual enlightenment, fear of living, living more consciously, acceptance of the now and much more.

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