Sun, Moon and Stars

Do you remember an instant when love vibrated through you from head to toe? It felt like the sun was shining warmly and life was as one. Ultimately this energy is always present and can be experienced. However it will always manifest according to your conscious awareness of it in perspective with human factors such mind, emotions and the ego.


This suggests that it is as simple as understanding and deciding how you wish to focus your awareness. What you focus on will manifest more predominately in your existence. The sun is a symbol of light and warmth. There are estimated to be billions upon billions in the universe and yet they are one; consciously speaking.

Sun, Moon and Stars

You are the reason why the sun shines.
You are there when the moon whines.
The stars in space are out of place without you.
This is true of stars, snowflakes and all experiences.

I fell in love with you and knew deep down it was true.
There was no reason to declare this affection.
It is there and will shine as long as there are stars in space.
The beauty of the sun caresses my face.
I love you and will always know you.

You are the reason why I cry a tear.
This is often of joy but alas every so often of sorrow.
I cry as you cry and the tears flow from deep within.
I smile as you smile and the sun will shine.
This kindness shines unto the universe.

The flowers and the trees vibrate with love.
The birds sing it from far and above.
It is love!
It is love!
It is life and in all things thereby.

Where there is life there is love.
You are the reason why this is true.
It is you that shines as the sun.
You offer the moon this love when it whines.
The stars cannot twinkle without you.

I gaze in your eyes and see love.
I caress your face and feel infatuation.
I hold you tenderly in my arms and unite with you as one.


Best wishes and love to everyone


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