Superstar! Always One

We are conditioned to strive for more and to be a superstar. This is the down-side of an imperialism system that eventually became a democracy in most parts of the world. However the personal and social ramifications where already established during the evolution of early humankind. There has always been a demand to do more, have more and be more as a result of evolutionarily development factors of our species.

This article is not about social systems, politics or even evolution. Although reflecting on our evolution regarding the mind and object consciousness is a helpful spiritual stepping stone. The need to be a superstar is evident in most industrial and heavily populated countries.

This superstar process begins very early for a child and could be considered very similar to Ivan Pavlov’s classical conditioning theory. A child is literally bombarded with hereditary conduct, social guidelines and code of behavior. We are taught that being better than others is necessary and it is expected by parents, peers and society in general.

It would be correct to suggest that being competitive and motivated in relation to daily activities is acceptable. This is part of being human. However consciousness can and usually does pay a terrible price for this type of superstar behavior. We become caught up in a search for anything that will supposedly make us a better person. Unfortunately this demanding need to do more and achieve more overshadows awareness to life and thus suffocates conscious expansion.

You are a Superstar

Therefore it is almost impossible to experience life consciously. The eternal manifesting of life conscious energy is brushed aside in our pursuit to reach superstar status. The manifestation of this life liveliness is always there, always happening but we usually overlook it because of conditioned demands and needs.

What I am suggesting is that you are already a superstar but you have perhaps forgotten how it feels to be one with the universe. The splendor of your divinity is not measured by your career, house, car or even appearance. The rapture of life is felt simply by realizing that you are within everything that is being created. More so, you are responsible for what is manifesting in your experiences.

You do not necessarily control or influence everything that is manifesting absolutely. However you are accountable for observe a situation and how you respond to it. Herein is the key to enlightenment and the true essence of your divine presence in the universe. You are a universal superstar.

Best wishes



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