Synchronicity and Acceptance?

Synchronicity. It is used often in topics about spirituality. This word; just life any other word, cannot really explain life energy or universal consciousness. We communicate with words and symbols, therefor they are relatively important in expressing what we experience. Synchronicity is defined as:

– The simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

– An apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated

What can we determine from the above definition? Might we say that synchronicity is dependent on acceptance? I ask this in reference to the manner by which we incorporate a given word, symbol or definition into our existence activities. We use the term synchronicity to describe different events that seem to fall into place in such a way that radiates harmony. We acknowledge that these occurrences are happening according to our desires or wishes.

synchronicity synchronicity 01Is this actually what is happening? We assume it is because it feels good. However what happens when situations and events occur in a manner that is not conducive with our desires or wishes? All Hell breaks loose. We will then usually complain, curse or blame a God or Gods for the lack of “synchronicity” Many people will also blame themselves or someone else for the unfolding of a particular event.

How does acceptance fit into this process? What would happen if allow everything to unfold? The probability of synchronicity seems more likely when there is a state of acceptance present. Equally there may very well be a synchronization that is nurtured by form / object and universal energy. The possibility of this should not be cast aside as improbable. However there is more to consider. Consider the ripple that is set into motion by a persons reaction or non- reaction? We could term this as acceptance or non-acceptance. Initial acceptance of a situation or event does not mean that you truly accept it. The initial acceptance is a means by which life energy can continue to manifest naturally. The ripple mentioned above is an impulse of flowing energy. This is way the initial acceptance is essential to the flowing, vibrating energy pulse.

Now let’s consider a few ideas. Things happen. The only constant in the universe is the fact that everything is changing. The universe regulates and shares life conscious energy. Form objects manifest, share and influence both life energy and form energy. The more we accept, the easier it is for life energy to flow uninhibited through body and mind. Is acceptance necessary for synchronicity? It may not be essential but it surely nurtures an atmosphere of unity between the form produced energy and life energy.This promotes unification.

It is possible to co-create with the universe, This is also why acceptance of that which is can promote more synchronicity between what we desire and what we actually receive. We may suddenly begin to find contentment in any situation whether it is what we had wanted or that which we get.

Best wishes

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