Take a Close Look at Yourself

Do you wish to take a closer look at yourself? This is easier than you may think. Look at everything surrounding you now; where you are and what you are doing is of no importance. What do you see when you look around? What you are observing is yourself. You and the self are in everything. This refers to yourself the human form; the mental, emotional and physical you. This also refers to the “self”; the one that is universal; ultimately both are one and the same. Let us shortly reflect on both considerations.

You focus mind / conscious energy on your mental, physical or emotional behavior patterns. These are conditioned factors including; assumptions, beliefs, judgments, fears and ego. When we focus our attention on anything we are most likely using one or more of the above to determine something and define it. This is true whether it is something you visually (physically) focus your attention on, or it is something that you mentally have focused your attention on. The two methods are synonyms in reference to our discussion.

You don’t really see another person, a tree or an animal. You generally will always see yourself in one or both of the manners mentioned in the first paragraph. The other person is never really seen as an individual on the level of human form. Equally we never really see the universal oneness in anything; regardless if this is person, plant or animal.

Yourself and Life

Why don’t we usually see anything from a perspective other then the two stated above? How could we possibly see anything other than what we have been conditioned to see? This is only possible if we are willing to see more in something other than what we have been taught to see. This involves true active participation in the moment as it occurs. This is not really an easy task in the beginning of the transformation to a deeper unity with life. Life; so to say, is always there with open arms. However it is up to the life-form; that has reawakened to this knowledge, to accept the flow of life energy.

A practical exercise is possible in each moment. This can be done in two steps. The first is to observe the observer when experiencing anything; whether this experience is mental, emotional or physical. It would be beneficial not to project who and what you “think” or “belief” you are onto any person, plant or animal at the level of a human form perceptive.

The second involves seeing the observer as what it really is in any moment. You are always the moment itself; this is the other person, a plant or animal. You are the observer and you are what you are observing form the standpoint of universality. The two; human form and universal oneness can once again harmonize in the vastness of totality.

Best wishes to everyone


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