Tangled Web that We Weave

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

The poem “Marion” by Sir Walter Scott and moreover this quote can be helpful in the awakening of human consciousness when we consider our relationship with the mind.


Our conversation today is related to this insight from Sir Walter Scott. However, we wish to focus our awareness on conditioned behavior. We often blame life for our difficulties and suffering. However, our unawareness to mind activities causes the tangled web we weave.

We can compare this to domino’s that fall one after the other; seemingly unstoppable once the first has fallen. Furthermore, our mind is literally a madhouse of thoughts and emotions. The level of this madness corresponds with a person’s level of conscious awareness or the lack of it.

How complicated is this moment for you? Can you answer this question? It is wonderful if you can because this suggests that you are consciously awakening. Furthermore, you know that you are no living in balance with life. This will give an indication of your relationship with the mind, consciousness and life. Your daily activities probably seem very tangled, confusing and even frightening if your presence is dominated by the mind. Let’s rephrase the quote from Sir Walter Scott.

The web we weave becomes more tangled each day because the mind can deceive.

Additionally, we can also say that the web of life is always well woven when we are able to go beyond the mind and simply be. The complications increase when we are not able to accept the moment as it is now. Please reflect on this last sentence before you read more. The moment is never a tangled web nor is it ever deceitful. This suggests that life is what it is now.

However, thoughts, people or things are details of presence and not presence itself. The moment is absolute and life is unconditional. The now, without the details of any object existence, is the totality. I realize that this is too much for the mind to comprehend. Therefore, please consider what I have shared without letting the mind take you down a conditioned path filled with repetitious thoughts, beliefs and assumptions.

The supposed tangled web that is woven will fade away when you realize that it is only an illusion created by a dominating delusional mind. You are the now but not the object and mind details within presence.

Best wishes

P.S. Here is the link for the “Marmion” if you would like to read it.



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