This article entitled Thankful is an extension of yesterday’s (Expressions of Appreciation) article. I have had many wonderful encounters with different individuals since the decision to write my first book. Many people are awakened to the realm of universal consciousness; still more are awakening on a continual basis. People are learning to view universal consciousness / oneness with a clear open heart. The assumptions and worn out beliefs that have been conditioned into our human existence are slowly crumbling away.


We are reeducating ourselves to the actual presence and possibilities to be discovered in this field of oneness. There is a shift in perception and a change in our understanding of “self” that is occurring throughout the world. I am thankful to be a part of this shift. I have met many who are inquisitively reaching out, thereby discovering the dimension of universal life energy. The stepping stones of each person are in accordance with his or her conscious development. Therefore every person that has awakened will continue to step to the next stepping stone at the appropriate moment. This is one of the joys in being the one “self” in many living forms. The “self” discovers itself, reflects on itself and intensifies its “self” as each form consciousness unites with the one “self”.

I am thankful for the insight that has been shared with me by so many different individuals since the moment of my awakening (acceptance of what I have somehow always felt) to the totality of universal consciousness. It is fascinating and gratifying for me to reflect on individuals and events that occurred before and after this actual awakening (acceptance).

I would like to close this article with a two book reviews that have been written about the first book that I wrote and the experiences surrounding the topics within the book. I am thankful that these two people and other people have found an idea or insight within the book and these website / Facebook articles that have helped in some way. Each awakened person will find signposts on his or her inward journey that will strengthen the portal that has been opened.

The first review is from Mona Tiganus. I have had many insightful chats with Mona. I wish to take this opportunity to express how thankful I am to her for sharing with me.

Mona wrote:

“Few months ago I was gifted the amazing book “One Moment in Life” written by the author Steve W. Leasock. This precious gift came into my life in a period of intense personal research, when I had many questions and almost no answers. The questions were about who I am and what is my purpose in this life, how can I remove the routine from daily life, how to let life just “be”, accept it and do nothing about it, how to give unconditional love to the people around, how to connect myself to the universal consciousness and how to expand my awareness or conscious?

After reading the book and deepening the ideas presented by the author, my answers started to come one by one. Steve dedicates himself to sharing his knowledge and ideas through his book, in which I found guidance and an immense feeling of power. Steve’s writing is offering all the instruments we need in order to grow ourselves into conscious individuals.

He shows us how to tap into the universal consciousness and to continually open the portal to life, the portal between our mind illusion of our existence and the dimension of unconditional life energy. Steve W. Leasock considers that “If we can stay attuned to the universal frequency, we may make a mind-shattering discovery. Staying attuned to this one frequency will open up a new level of consciousness. This is the next step, which is vital for mankind. This step will allow us to understand the universal intelligence”.

The “One Moment in Life” book teaches us how to notice miracles.

Miracles are actually normal happenings that we were not aware about before, due to limited beliefs. We can “feel” life as a mind freedom and as a different reality, manifesting true miracles in our existence. There is no purpose in life. The only purpose of life is to live it. We do not need to “do” anything, because life takes care of everything for us. The life is giving us so much if we don’t demand! Steve W. Leasock writes in his book about the manipulating ego, which “is responsible of so much confusion and suffering in our human life”. He explains that “the freedom (from ego) would be the universal consciousness”. He considers that “the ego becomes very fearful the instant it feels that you have connected with the universal oneness”. The book “One Moment in Life” describes also the “unconditional believing” and its connection with the conditioning ego.

The author explains that “the importance of believing is to be found in how we tune into the oneness of life…The connection with the human concept if believing is based on the fact of being conscious of the endless possibilities that are given to us through the oneness of life. The next step is to accept how life, on the level of universal consciousness, unfolds”. In the end, I would like to emphasize that in my opinion the “silver thread” of the entire book is the concept of “human awakening”, as an instrument for the people that try to find their answers and to decipher more of this unbelievable existence. With Steve’s enlightenment, I personally realized I was myself on a new path of awakening to life as it is.”

The second review is from Kim Logan: Kim has also shared much with me. We have consciously grown through this sharing.

Kim Wrote:

“This author has given me hope and peace with this writing. As someone who has struggled with fear of the unknown, depression and anxiety… Steve has answered questions for me which has calmed me in moments of chaos and overwhelm. These insights are invaluable in my quest for inner peace. His writers page on Facebook (S.W. Leasock) give additional inspiration and guidance to those of us on this journey to enlightenment. Thank you for you personal advice!”

I wish to thank Mona and Kim for their kind words and I would like to also thank all others that have shared ideas, insight and feedback / reviews with me about the book and related topics.

Best wishes to all

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