The awakened Miracle

What do you consider to be a miracle? Is it the parting of the Red Sea or Moses turning a walking staff into a serpent? How would you react if I were to suggest that you are a miracle? I am not referring to Tom, Sue or any other individual person by name or body. The life form that has been defined through a name is not “that” which is the miracle. The miracle can be discovered through heightened awareness to the isness of each moment.

Do Miracles happen to you or do you happen to miracles? It is easy to determine what is a miracle and what is not. It is even easier to determine “when” a miracle will happen. There is one miracle within each ever-lasting moment. Oneness is within this moment. Everything is composed of vibrations emitted from life energy. We generally blame this moment for bringing undeserving experiences; the car has a flat tire, it starts to rain, and you do not have an umbrella, or someone just ate the last cookie that you had hoped to eat. The list of reasons why there are “no” miracles appear to be very long.


Is it possible that we are denying the miracle of this moment? We tend to do this in various manners. We are constantly concentrating on the supposed last moment or we are frantically trying to reach the next moment. A person will often be “lost” in the moment; not even realizing that he or she is “not” lost in the moment. The moment is “lost” in us. We usually mentally and emotionally override the unfolding of this moment with everything except what is actually happening in the isness of now. Due to this fact how would it be even remotely possible for us to know that we are existing exactly in the middle of the one most precious miracle…this moment. The key is in awareness of and acceptance of the moment. This can actually should be taking a step farther. Become the moment by allowing the true universal self to offer you the miracle.

We will then begin a true awakening. This awakening is oriented on realizing that you actually receiving a miracle that you have made for your self. You, together with all life forms contribute to the consciousness energy field that is ever-present. This; in turn, will give us a spiritual eye-opening insight. This insight confirms that we are the creators of this moment. Here again; as I have mentioned in other articles, the joy is to be found in our level of self-consciousness. We have an opportunity to not only be aware of our awareness but to also be aware of the awareness that is being aware. Did everyone get that sentence; I am not sure if I did 🙂

There will be situations and people that demand recognition in any given moment. This is fine. These are typical experiences of a human form in a human form content existence. There will be life form birth and death, happiness and sadness and life form sickness and health. However this has nothing to do with allowing and accepting life consciousness to flow freely through us in this moment. We; in turn, are flowing through it. We are “it”. We have become worthy contributors to the dimension of universal consciousness. Worthy, that is when we flow from the essence of consciousness in its totality. The level of our form consciousness allows a stepping off point (portal). Whereby we can adjust to an existence perception that will first see life from the perspective of oneness / life consciousness.

Best wishes

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