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The Beatles are known the world over: music, movies and activists; each has contributed something. Have you every awoken with a melody in your heart? This happened to me today. The song was “Let It Be” from the Beatles.

I did my housework continually repeating the lyrics over and over; then came a moment when I reflected on the “story” of Moses in the mountain. The Burning Bush supposedly said “I Am That I Am”. I do not wish to bring religion or politics into this discussion. I do wish to express what I felt as I reflected on these five words.

“Let It Be” and “I Am”; the significance of these words is the natural simplicity which they represent. The Beatles could be considered (The Four Wise Men). The doorway to life is easily accessible upon reading the lyrics from these four men. Perhaps they were responding to life vibrations when the lyrics were written. Only they know this for sure. The interpretation of this song is also not of true importance; being aware of the life dimension it opens up is however momentous.

The actual reality behind the story of Moses is also not to be debated. This would only intensify the complexity of our content-based existence. However here again what Moses or the person(s) that wrote the story may have felt is life simplicity. “I Am” has so much depth that it could be compared to the content of an encyclopedia.

“I Am” is everything and so much more; these two words do not even inject egoism. Many people may be manipulated by the conditioned ego into “believing” that “I Am” implies egoism. It does exactly the opposite. It validates unity; oneness.

Take one everlasting moment to read the lyrics in silence.

Here the link:

Do you feel it? What you are feeling is “life essence”.
It really feels good.
It is true.
It is you.


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