The Beauty of a Woman

I wish you a day filled with joy and love. I wish you a moment of fulfillment. Hopefully the experiences of that one moment will contribute to a better understanding of the person, the self and life. All three are one and the same. I have included a poem below. It is about the beauty of a woman. It is about the joy of caring and of love.


The Beauty of a Woman

I met a woman.
There was joy. There was happiness.
There was so much within this one first glance.
There she stood.
Our eyes locked.

I was here, there and no where.
Magically flowers appear; the sun was shining.

The moment was enchanted.
I dove into the depth of your eyes.
I was lost, trapped in their beauty.
Your eyes hold the universe, planets and stars.

There is wisdom within you.
The spirit of it all is there to be found.
You gladly share this with everyone.

It is a beauty found beyond the mind.
It is a truth that is felt.
It is the joy of life, shining within and without.
A beauty nurtured by experience.
Every experience strengthens its radiance.

I see love.
I see hope shining so bright
This woman stands before me.

The experiences have been many.
Her curiosity remains unyielding.
Her body knows the seasons.
It had not always been as she had wished.

There within her is also concern.
There in her eyes are sadness and despair.
There is a real beauty within this woman.

It is the beauty of one who cares.
She lives, she tries, and she reaches for love.
This is her dream.
It is a dream of joy and of love.
The spirit shares with her wisdom.
Her body is of beauty.
There is the joy of love.

There is hope for tomorrow.
I feel all of this.
There we stood cheek to cheek.
The beauty of this woman is known to all but truly seen by few.



Belle Picture © Walt Disney

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