The Beauty to be found within thy Self

The self is not your thoughts. Therefore you are not your thoughts…there is actually no “you” or “me”. There is however “everything” and “nothing”. Human beings are part of this totality. We can call it a consciousness manifestation for lack of a better word.


The beauty of it all lies in the “nothing” part of everything. This is where human beings are blessed with a gift of the universe and life. This is where are thoughts do have a significance in the totality of everything. The fact that we have thoughts does not and never will make us these thoughts. We are the one that is experiencing the thoughts. This reflectively expressed; is the self.

Beyond the Self

We can consider this in terms of the human level of consciousness in partnership with the mind and our thoughts. The ability to experience our thoughts from the viewpoint of the one self provides opportunities for us to actually manifest our reality and that of the universe. We can co-create through the energy frequency of our thoughts. The individual frequency can produce a given output of energy. Two people can generate this energy two fold and so on. This does not imply that everyone should be “thinking” the same in order to achieve a higher “self” consciousness energy output.

It is not really about “what” a person is thinking; but “how” a person is thinking. The “how” naturally suggest the level of awareness during our thoughts. Staying on the level of Random Ideas and Images which are produced from the mind Generator (RIIG: credits to Alain Hubrecht from Facebook) can confuse and manipulate. However we can gain clarity and space when we have learned to observer the one that sees the thoughts (the seer). It is really a matter of adjusted perception that can open the portal. This is how the consciousness totality ripple effect (see picture) can transform the known reality of our existence, the universe and perhaps even life. This transformation holds miracles upon miracles which then manifest into this new reality. The one behind the thoughts; the seer, has the capability to create. The self can manifest something from nothing. The key is in allowing the seer to nurture the thoughts that are in harmony with the self. When we (human being) unite with the seer we also united with the self; thus the totality.

Best wishes

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