The Bottle

Bottles have always been used; for the most part, for practical purposes by human beings. A bottle also has a mystical side. It has often been considered to be a vessel which contains magic or even your soul. A bottle can be found in stories of fantasy and mystery.


I realized that I had been living in a bottle. I had been a prisoner of a bottle that had only existed in my mind. I had spent my entire existence filling up this bottle. Now the bottle is open. The cork is gone. Here is a poem that expresses the imaginary bottle that many of us carry in our mind.



A Bottle

As I was young the burning had already begun.

What do I have inside me?

I could not find fulfillment; no none.

I was so young.

Unknowing, and yet knowing.

I looked to those that were older;

help me, please show me.

But there was no one, no not one.

I tried to share what I could feel.

I wished to be loved.

I gave, I loved and I cared so sincerely.

Still, what was wrong?

It seemed the more I gave…

the less I understood.

I need love, compassion;

mostly I wished to be free.

I gave. Oh how I gave;

still there was so much that I could not.

I learned to be careful…

no not careful; I learned to have fear.

Now I keep so much inside.

There is so much that I wished to give;

only now the fear was inside.

It dictates my life.

I moved to an island.

I live on this island… far from others.

There I stayed; counting the days.


One day I found a bottle washed up on the shore.

Was this my salvation?

Truly, it could be.

I wrote my thoughts down that day.

I released my fear, I shared myself with all.

It felt so good to be free.

I will put all that I feel on paper.

When finished I had wished to return the bottle to the sea.

Then to my despair I knew…I could not.

On my island I can share what I feel.

After all no one was there, no one that cared.

I wrote many things on my island;

there all alone.

Years went by; I learned to live with my fear.

My love and my freedom were always there on paper.

It was quite easy to hide them from this fear.

These were quickly placed in my bottle;

corked shut hidden from fear.

Then one day I walked along the beach.

There in the distance I saw something;

what could it be?

It was a person walking toward me.

How could this be?

I thought that this was my island; designed by my fear.

The man held something in his hand.

He carried something, almost carelessly.

A short “hello” is all that was heard.

Fascinated I asked…

“May I see what you are carrying?”

Apprehensively he held up his hand.

I was overwhelmed…

it was a bottle, just like mine.

There was one difference.

His bottle held nothing; it was empty.

I showed this person my bottle.

I said…

“I always carry this bottle, just like you.”

We smiled to each other; acknowledging what we knew.

“In this bottle I carry all that I am”

This was all that I could say.

“I would like to share what I have;

 but fear is always so near.”

This I confided in him.

I muttered…

“I have much to share,

only fear is so near.”

This man also has a bottle.

How is this possible?

I thought to myself.

  Are there truly others just like myself?

I have spent my life giving… doing all that I could.

I wished for others to accept me… to love me but alas

this island; here where I dwell, is the result of my labor.

I remained silent; not sure what to do.

This man gazed into my eyes.

Smiling he said…

“I have returned to this Island;

to help you is my wish.”

“There was a time, long ago.

This is also where I lived.”

I asked “how can this be?”

Quietly he whispered to me…

“I simply learned how to be free”

“I opened my bottle one day,

I took out a dream;

I read this dream that I had wrote.

Then I threw it in the sea.”

The man continued;

“The next day I opened the bottle.”

“This time I took out a dream together with a wish.”

“I closed my eyes and threw both notes into the sea.”

“I did this each day; sometimes two notes.

Sometimes it was three.”

“Then one day I opened the bottle

and to my surprise, all the notes were gone.”

“I felt so free.”

“My fear was gone.”

“I had given my dreams, the desires

and my love to the world.”


“Now I understand.”

“I do not need to hide myself from the world.”

“Now I show the world what I really am.

I do this each moment and every day.”

“We are not really that which is seen;

nor is that which we are to be heard.”

Inside of us is something

that no one can really see.

There on the inside we will find what is on the outside.

It is part of you,

it is part of me.

We are the one that is free.


Best wishes to everyone


©Steve Leasock

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