The Can or Can Not Syndrome

Most human beings experience the can or can not syndrome on a daily basis. Human existence is filled with a massive amount of content. The human race has developed a personal and social hierarchy structure that usually lays the foundation for individual and collective conditioned development patterns.  The world of humankind does have a continual percent of people that do somehow break the bonds of this preconditioned development pattern. The number however is very small.

We are introduced into what is called “Social Development Theory” at a very early age. Wiki’s explanation is suitable as reference for our discussion. The social structure sets the stage for your personal development. You may ask where I am going with this discussion. What I wish to suggest is that the surrounding family, social and cultural content will most often decide your human existence path. “Knowing” this fact does not usually contribute to finding an alternative for your current human path.

“Feeling”; or better said, an awareness of your true existence in this moment could substantiate an inner awakening to the actuality of life. No God, person or situation decides what you should do as a human being. You and only you determine your existence. This sentence may suggest something that is non-acceptable for human beings. This is because conditioning has taught us the exact opposite in all areas of personal and social development.

The “Can Do” Syndrome and You

We can sum up this discussion by stating that; in human existence, it is never about if you “can” or “can not” do something. It is always about first being aware and then “doing” or “not doing” something. Don’t ever allow a situation or person to influence or restrict you from doing what you “feel” you should do. Life awareness will prompt you to feel what is right for you. There is really nothing more you need to do to insure a more peaceful human existence. The equation is simple: Life awareness, then do or do not something in any given moment. The key is life unity.


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