The Existence Scenario: A Journey that Never Should be Traveled

I wish to offer you a scenario. This given scenario portraits a conditioned behavior. Many people are on this Journey. Some people are engulfed in the scenario; not knowing what is happening. There are also people that are aware of his or her predicament, but unable to change. Please read what I have written. Respond to the question that is asked without hesitation; without “thinking”.


You are lost in the wildness, deep within a mountainous area. You have the necessities for survival with you. There is no immediate danger; still you feel confused, lost and afraid. You have been traveling through an area that is neither in a valley nor on the top of the mountains. You meander from tree line to tree line. There is no evident path that appears to be constantly used. There are however many different tramlines and densely obscured pathways. Each new discovered path has given you emotions and thoughts of hope and somehow purpose. You have tried many of these pathways. You have repeated discovered that each path has led you on a course that eventually was too overwhelming to continue. You have been faced each time with experiencing a path that has no real continuation. Worst you have often experienced a mental image of near accomplishment; only to suddenly be confronted with a dead end.

This repetitive process has left you weary and frustrated. You feel alone and helpless. Mental thoughts and images haunt you; no matter what you have tried to undertake. You can not go up or down. You are stuck somewhere in the middle of this enormous mountain range. It seems that you will be forced to continue wandering forever.

Then one day you entire a partial clearing free of trees, bushes and rocks. You discover a pathway that appears to actual have been used recently. Conflicting thoughts and emotions bombard your present situation. There is hope, anxiety, faith, fear, belief, judgment and a strong sense of uncertainty. You continue cautiously along the path. You can now see something in the distance. You quicken your pace; continual thoughts and emotions ricocheting through your mind.

The pathway here has obviously been used often. You now are close to a fork in the path. The path to the right continues slowly up the side of the mountain. This path does not show signs of usage; although it clearly continues upwards. The path to the left is partially blocked by signs and several wayside merchants’ stands. The signs are decorated with colored symbols and writing such as: “This is the only way to paradise”, “This is the only path you will ever need to travel”, “The answers are just around the corner” and “You don’t need to search any further”.

The merchants are encouraging you to come closer. They offer you tempting varieties of worldly possessions. They speak to you about knowing where to find the best of everything. They even claim to know what you are searching for in this existence. You remain a considerable distance from the fork in the path.

The path to the right feels familiar; there is nothing to be seen and yet it is comforting.

The path to the left invokes the mind to initiate thoughts such as “What does the merchant wish to offer me?”, “Paradise must be just around the next corner.” Emotions flow through your body.

You can not continue your journey on both paths simultaneously; which path do you choose?

Answer this question immediately…without “thinking” about it.

I would be honored if you would like to share your feelings about this scenario. Has something very similar been happening to you? Does this scenario sound familiar? It seems so tangible. This scenario is however not real, it is an illusion of the mind. We have “believed” the mind far too long.

Best wishes


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