The Human Mind, Consciousness and Life

People are continually searching for salvation through application of the mind. The mind is influenced predominately by a process of experiences and our conditioned emotional reactions to these experiences. We are usually not really aware of what is happening in each everlasting moment of life. This allows very little opportunity for real consciousness to blossom. We remain stuck in a limbo state of existence. There is really no way to feel life or be in life when you strictly allow mind content to dominate. Life and consciousness are something outside of the mind and body.

The mind and body naturally participate in life. They are indeed a part of life. This inactive / active participation is through a life form being manifested with life energy. Here again; as with all forms, mind and body contribute to this life energy manifestation as well as contributing to this vibration field. The human minds participation in the experiences of life has; for whatever reasons, become misguided and lost. The brain is stimulated through experiences. The brain then gives back its interpretations of any given experience. Most people would say that the brain affects consciousness. I feel that this is not exactly correct. Both influence each other. The mind has been interpreting and manipulating consciousness for hundreds of thousands of years. This has given the mind a false sense of dominance in our human experiences.

The mind has lost itself within the cluttered content of its own self-imposed existence. Consciousness is subjected to the misgivings of the mind. That is why it is possible to see and sense a simplistic harmony within the universe. The rest of the known universe does not run around in circles asking such arbitrary questions as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” These and the hundred thousand other questions that we ask daily are unnecessary for life. These questions and assumptions only add more wonderful content to our human illusion. This remains true because we have not become aware of what we are doing. We “believe” that we know what life is all about, but human mind content may have blinded us.
Consciousness and the human mind could reach a state of equilibrium. Everything that has happened up to now may have happened for this very reason. We see and sense balance in other life forms. Mother Nature is the best teacher. This harmony has remained constant in many life forms for millions of years; despite constantly changing surrounds. The existence of other forms is not cluttered with so much unneeded content; although other life forms have intelligence and consciousness. These other life forms are engulfed in life and not possessed by the mind. It would appear as if a given level of consciousness is determined by a forms experiences and eventual evolutionary development.

There is a question among questions that we should perhaps ask. Do space and all matter have consciousness? Or do life forms simply injecting consciousness into the universe and life after reaching a given level of self-consciousness? We sense that everything is within consciousness. Perhaps our interpretation of the Alpha and the Omega should be reconsidered in direct relation to our human existence? Are we (any life form with a higher level of consciousness) the real Alpha and Omega of consciousness? It may sound very far fetched by perhaps worth considering.

This is an intriguing speculation; however it is very likely that what many of us sense is true. This would be that we (human beings) have no validity. The mind may be tricking us into considering the above speculation. True awareness to the actuality of this moment may however eventually confirm that we are indeed everything; a singularity.

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