The Human Species Turning Point

Human beings have achieved a milestone in species evolution. Human consciousness via universal consciousness has given us an opportunity to co-create the universe. This has always been true; however this first became significant as we experienced self-awareness. We were suddenly conscious of consciousness.

I feel strongly that we were much more aware of this in the earlier stages of humankind’s existence. When I say “aware of this”, I wish to suggest that, earlier in our evolution, we simply co-created with the universe because it was a nature process. We were simply not aware of it. This nature process of co-creating is still true today. The problem is that our mental and emotional development has added many complications to the nature partnership with the universe. These complications have resulted in confusion, fear and frustration for humankind.

The dawning of a new human evolution era is unfolding. We are steadily relearning the knowledge of what we really represent in this universe. Here, I am not speaking about the part of us that is human form. Our true representation is the universe experiencing itself through the human vessel. In the beginning of our evolution, we were in touch with the spirit of life.

We experienced life consciousness but were not really aware of it. There were no questions asked; we existed and thrived. Then a continuously changing human environment diverted us from experiencing the spirit on a one to one basis.

Now we, as a species, are slowly coming back to where we were in the beginning. Actually, we have always been there, where we are now. This is meant in the sense of “being”. The true isness of a form is to be found in life manifestation. This isness manifestation is through the form and not really “of” the form. Awareness of this isness; more so, acceptance of our true essence has given human beings a true glimpse of universality.

Human beings are realizing that content structures, beliefs and assumptions are among the things responsible for the perplexity of our existence. More and more people are awakening to the true unity with the universe.

The beauty of our evolution is to be found within our human consciousness. It has become aware of being aware. We are standing in the doorway leading to true understanding. It seems so close but alas, in truth, may still be far away. There are many of us that are still consumed by human form existence. This lack of presence results in many people seeing and feeling nothing but this human existence strictly from the level of human form.

The door leading to the one truth is within our reach.
It always has been there. “We” are life. “We” knew this before life manifested through the human species form. “We” will know it after this human body decays back to the biological substances from which it came. Who is the “we” that I speak about? The “we” is the unified field of life consciousness energy. It is one. It is the source of everything. All forms and objects living or non-living are part of this source. We are this source. Life-forms are additionally co-producers of life consciousness energy.

The potential connected with awakening to this level of consciousness is unlimited. This awareness allows true consciousness to unfold naturally. This will bring silence into our human existence. It could initiate a balance between the form and universal consciousness. The resulting benefits to our existence are of universal proportion.

The fourteen minute video from Jiddu Krishnamurti is overflowing with insight concerning our disconnection from the universal energy frequency.

Best wishes to everyone


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