The Joy of Being

I just now glanced out of my window. I realized for the first time that I have been in the presence of a “being in the now” master. There are many trees within a short distance of the window. There is a cherry tree standing in the middle of the other trees. I have shared a “life conscious melt” experience with the tree many times. I have felt this many times but until today I have not realized the true significance of this experience. Perhaps I should first explain “life consciousness melting”.


Life conscious melt is what I (we) experience when the restrictions of human mind patterns disappear from the state of object consciousness. I; in the example of the tree, join the tree in the field of life consciousness. It is also possible to then feel the tree from an object consciousness state. This is what I refer to as “melting”. The tree and I are together. This is our normal state of being, although we believe that this is very strange or not even possible.

I can only offer you a question. Why does it seem so impossible to accept that we are in essence everything? We are that; which ultimately equals “oneness”. There still is our human form consciousness; but this is nothing more than a separation distinction that we have made through the dawning of this very consciousness. This could be broken down to one statement.

“The reason we don’t unite consciously more often with other life-forms is simply because the brain has conditioned us not to accept this state of being.”

I view the cherry tree many times daily. I can actually feel the tree; its presence. This is depending on my present state of awareness. This consciousness melting can unite us with every object, every living being. Think back to different situations; perhaps you were looking at the stars or sitting in the forest. Suddenly you felt a strange sensation. It felt as if there was suddenly so much space in the content of your thoughts and feelings. You had experienced this consciousness melting with life in that moment.

I am sure that you will agree that it was (is) a beautiful feeling. It may feel very strange to us when it happens. This is mostly due to the desensitized mental state in which we generally exist. This consciousness melting is often viewed as wrong or abnormal to most people. This has conditioned us to stay away from this field of total or free awareness.

This is really quite naive for us to shun the one experience that offers us real freedom from the bonds of mental manipulations. There was a man in particular that understood our state of naivety in relation to the dimension of life. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

A State of Being One

This reveals itself as being so true. We are constantly doing and unfortunately we don’t know what we are doing. We “assume” to know and “believe” that we know. Furthermore we also think that we know and even “insist or demand” that we know. All of these sound great on the level of human content structures. However these will usually hold no true validity when observed from the field of life consciousness / universal intelligence. We have spent our evolutionary development mostly existing in a field of self-made content delusions. We have continually felt the essence of our “being” but insist on ignoring it. Therefore we have been existing in a incongruous manner since the dawning of self-consciousness.

The cherry tree is always there. Consequently it stands, experiences life and is indifferent to what I am writing. It is content in “being”. The beauty of the tree (nature) therefore is that there are no assumptions or beliefs involved in its existence. It simply is what it is. In this manner it gives to all. All creatures experience the beauty of the tree itself. The oxygen that its leaves produce, the cherries to eat and the shade it provides on a hot day. These are all gifts that it offers without the intention of “giving or offering” anything. These supposed “gifts” are in truth experiences of “being”. The tree is; therefore you, me and everything “is”. “Being” is the manifestation of life.

A scene from Star Wars “The Empire Strikes Back” with Yoda suggests a state of being in regards to life energy consciousness. “Luminous beings are we…not this crude matter.”


Yoda teaching Skywalker
© George Lucas

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