The Never-Ending Search… what will we find?

This is a continuation from the article concerning dissatisfaction. Deep inside we feel it. Furthermore it often leads to a conflict of interest. In many situations we feel something that offers us contentment and something else that demands satisfaction. The latter often triumphs leaving us feeling confused and unfulfilled. We are convinced that we must find something. However it often appears as if we don’t know what actually it is that we must find. This is why the content structures of our existence have developed into a seemingly tangible reality in which we can find the answers to everything, including life itself.

findWe could extend the recent article topics related to object content in our existence. I feel it is not really necessary to pursue the actuality of form content / structures. A person only needs to take one glance in any direction to understand the complexity of content ramifications. It is obvious that the universal consist of content, otherwise it would be a vast void. But is this really true or are we just allowing a mentally designed framework to paint another illusion = reality for us? You may have read or heard that the universe is 99,999% empty space. There goes the validity of content truly occupying time and space. I am just rambling on…sorry, I must have got lost for a moment in all that empty space!

Lets return to our topic; the need to find fulfillment. That is what we are really searching for; isn’t it? We are referring to true fulfillment which can not be reached through a God, science or any other human content form. The fact that we have superimposed so much supposed content into the life dimension naturally causes us to “believe” that it must be real. Human beings are usually asking questions. We practically insist that through questions, assumptions and beliefs; it will be possible to find gratification. We are sure that the fulfillment to everything can be found out there somewhere. How long has humankind been searching? It is possible that we have been searching for something from or even before the awakening of our species consciousness.

Find Peace Within

I wish to suggest that we will never find what we don’t already have in this moment. How does this idea feel to you? To pursue this idea we may need to jump down the rabbit hole and visit Alice in Wonderland again. We have spent millenniums manipulating and restricting ourselves and longer feel life on a one to one basis. We have great difficulty remaining in the field of pure life energy. Thus we rely on content forms to ease the longing and demanding for something that we hope to find.

We will never find what we are looking for in this moment when we continue to search from the standpoint of our human content perspective. This is because firstly the moment is everything that is and will be. Secondly because we already have everything we could possibly hope to find. Therefore this is not something that we must search for… it is something that we have always had. Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments is in the knowing that there is no need for discontentment, confusing and fear. This may result in the end of our searching. Fulfillment will automatically replace the need to find something that we already have.

Have a great day!


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