The Path to Becoming Conscious

We use the word “path” to describe the way from here to there. A path indicates a beginning and usually an eventual ending; an arrival. It is obvious that we also choose this terminology in describing our experiences with spirituality; the awakening process. Here; as with all human interpretation of life, it is beneficial for us not to lose ourselves in the definition itself. A path is a very proper word to use here, but it is never about the “path”. Being conscious is very likely not even about the experiences on this path. The experiences are useful for sign posts during this journey.

path to consciousnessWhether the definition and practice of traveling down a road to awakening is necessary might be debatable for some people. A tree, a bird or even a rock does not practice being conscious. They do not spend each moment of existence in thoughts about being conscious or aware. These life-forms simply “are”. They are engulfed in the isness of now.

The practice of teaching ourselves to be consciously aware is useful. This aware state of being gives the experiences of isness a more profound meaning. The experiences then become more pronounced for what each one truly represents. We begin to see the experiences as something other than what we are experiencing. The representation of each experience is always of our making. We create the experience through the practiced method of experiencing the moment in an awakened state of isness.

A question to ask is how other object life forms accomplish a complete state of awakened consciousness without being truly self-conscious? These objects and life forms practice a complete state of consciousness without even knowing it. Could this be the key to enlightenment? Being the isness of the moment without being “mind” conscious of the moment. It seems that there is a difference between simply manifesting the consciousness of life and being aware of consciousness from the perspective of the mind.

The latter often feels right; but is this truly being conscious? Or is it the mind that is assuming it is conscious? There is a fine edge that separates where and when the mind generated consciousness stops and where and when true life oneness consciousness is readily accessible. We are standing on the threshold of this transformation from local consciousness to universal consciousness in every moment. The key to experiencing universal consciousness is perhaps found in being the consciousness instead of “thinking” consciously that we are the consciousness. It is an interesting topic to consider.

Best wishes to everyone

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