Path to Infinity

The human path has been filled with every changing complexity since the dawn of our species consciousness. It is understandable that we have lost our way. The awakening of our form consciousness has allowed our species to make quantum leaps in species evolution. The possibilities in creativity and intelligence are seemingly endless.


Our level of consciousness has given us a vast realm of creativity; but does it make us more intelligent? Your first reaction would probably be to say “yes” the level of consciousness corresponds to the expansion of our intelligence in different aspects of species development. Is this really true? We have become very clever in our daily experiences. This does not actually have a lot to do with intelligence.

Our level of cleverness is continuously growing. It is diversified; according to our daily needs and wants. Although we have become very intelligent; I do not feel that our cleverness implies intelligence. This was mentioned earlier in the book. This cleverness masks itself in many forms. What lies at the root of our cleverness? This cannot be determined so easily. Ego may have a strong influence on our actions which then manifest in forms of cleverness.

Emotions also play an influential role in the use of our cleverness; emotions are however instinctive and nature. Every life-form has certain tendencies that we would label as emotional. It is the ego’s influence that makes our emotional state so perplexing. It is a vicious cycle. The usage of behavioral cleverness in our daily interaction is rooted in our conditioning. These factors contribute to our general lack of true life awareness.

Self-Imposed Path

Lack of conscious awareness allows a preconditioned chain of reactions to occur in object existence. A person who may lack in life awareness would never give these human patterns any real attention. Most people react to the human made delusions of life without considering that there is something more to an existence.

The fact that we are swimming in a field of pure life energy remains oblivious to most human beings. Do you feel the relationship between life and love? A person lacking “life awareness” is coincidentally lacking true “love awareness”. A self-imposed path of mind purpose and strict thought reasoning will cause more and more confusion.

There is no way to actually determine how and what occurred during the dawning of human consciousness. I feel that the same fundamental elements of emotions and love where present in our existence before this period. Generally speaking, emotions and human behavior were probably strictly experienced as “is” during the early stages of mind/thought/emotion development.

This changed as we became more and more self-aware. We then questioned and analyzed instead of simply experiencing the moment. The emotions experienced through what we call love were also naturally experienced; not analyzed before self-awareness became dominated by the minds activities.

The human species has started down a path that has been self-imposed through our insistence that everything must be defined and interpreted. This has happened due to the conflicting mind / thought patterns and conscious awareness. The two are one. A harmony between mind and consciousness is possible. A shift in how we observe the mind would change our existence perspectives about life.

Best wishes


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