“The Power of Decision is my Own”

The weekend is almost upon us. I would like to make a repost concerning the first paragraph of lesson 152 from A Course in Miracles. I feel this is so insightful. It is founded on a simple logic that can not be disputed. I had included this lesson in a blog article on the-writers-page website months ago.

This lesson is a very useful signpost. It validates our unity with life. It may first feel strange to accept this words as having real truth in our existence, but this is the absolute truth as best it can be put into human word content.

A Course in Miracles: Lesson 152: The Power of Decision is my Own

“No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision. No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no one dies without his own consent. Nothing occurs but represents your wish, and nothing is omitted that you choose. Here is your world, complete in all details. Here is its whole reality for you. And it is only here salvation is.”

I would suggest reading lesson 152 once in its entirety. Then reread the first paragraph several times over the weekend. Sentences from the first paragraph can also be used as a mantra.

This lesson as well as the other lessons in A Course of Miracles can be very beneficial in our existence.

Now one last thing that is “relatively” important. Today is the day…stand up and shout it out…It is T.G.I.F.

This reminded me of a song that I love. I actually go out on my balcony and shout out the words “What’s Going On?” when I hear the song. Does anyone remember it? Be careful. It is highly addictive. If you sing it just once, you will find yourself singing it all day. Feel it and sing it loud. It is a great way to start the day (weekend).

Best wishes


Music video by 4 Non Blondes performing What’s Up. (C) 1992 Interscope Records
Music “What’s Up? (Edit)” by 4 Non Blondes ( • )


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