Purpose of our Existence

What is the purpose of our existence? Almost everyone is looking for it. Every person has been conditioned into believing that there is a purpose that is designed just for you or me. We are continually manipulated into adhering to this belief. Science assures us of this, religion orients its teaching on a path that will reveal a purpose to us. This purpose is “your” purpose. It is individually structured for each person. Then there are also groups, even institutions that speak of a collective purpose”. We often hear people say “This or that is mankind’s purpose in the universal”. More often than not it is the institutions of science or religion that proclaim to have a working understanding of “purpose”.

Sadly existence “why and wherefores” seems to have a direct bond with species evolution and human consciousness. I say “sadly” because the human species surely did not ponder over what he or she should strive to become in the early stages of our development. There were simply the immediate necessities associated with survival. The evolutionary development of humankind caused a radical purpose demand to appear in the background of our daily activities. It is difficult to determine when the shift from “a doer” to a “conscious thinker” occurred. This pattern begins inconspicuously. We had no understanding of the eventual outcome caused by wants and demands placed on us.

We generally first encounter these individual and collective “find a purpose” demands as a young child. Your family demands it from you. The government and religious faiths expect it of you. You are basically confronted with the need to find your purpose throughout your daily activities, experiences and existence. Pity the man or woman that has not found his or her purpose. It would seem that this is the message that has been embedded in the mental framework of your existence. This has most certainly been at least partially absorbed by the human consciousness. The human consciousness in turn continually sends this energy vibration out into the dimension of life. We repeated send a signal of “purpose searching” into the fabric of life.

I do not really feel that we make any real impact on the structure of life by frantically searching for a reason for our existence. We are probably not influencing the life dimension by insisting that there must be a purpose for humankind’s existence. We actually seem determined to find a purpose that is solely meant for the “me”; the human-made egoistical illusion of the “I”. The “I” is the true oneness of life essence.

We might even say that a term such as “I” could symbolically represent consciousness. This consciousness is not separated according to different forms. It is a universal unity consciousness. Life has no concept or use for such a defined structure as “purpose”. Therefore it is to reason that the true “oneness” in all forms also does not have any need or desire for a purpose. What might happen if we could release our hold on such trivial pursuits as “needing a purpose” to existence. We will and we do exist with or without a purpose. It is surely okay to establish a practical purpose as a guideline for your existence content. Still it might be truly rewarding to experience life without the rigorous demands of needing to find a defined purpose.

Life consciousness has a way of taking care of everything if we can learn to accept what is happening and then take action if needed. Eventually the demand for purpose will be replaced with conscious fulfillment.

Best wishes

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