The Sad Copier: Part Two


The Sad Copier: Part Two is the follow up to a blog from March seventh. Have you every truly considered what possibilities a human being as in the eternity of life? We are co-creators of the universe. Sounds impossible, but it is not. All “living” forms are capable of giving energy to life. Every living form does this every moment. The degree of output is perhaps solely established through the level of each forms consciousness. This is quite amazing. It is also a very debatable discussion topic. Science and even religion have established methods through calculations and assumptions / beliefs that suggest we can do so much more due to our level of consciousness. A simple example is the one I wrote about the copier. I have done no official scientific tests or religious ceremonies to prove or disprove what I experience again and again.

The life experience I have concerning the copier is always the same. The machine will usually not work for some reason or another when I or someone else operates it in a state of unawareness to life. The difficulty with the copier truly seems to relate to the level awareness. A less aware, frustrated or even angry person will usually always have problems. The opposite is true for a person that is unhurried and life conscious.

This is what I was writing about at the end of “The Sad Copier” part one. There is a very big difference between being conscious strictly as a human and being life conscious. The nature state of “being” normally engulfs both. Human beings have consciously awakened. This happened long ago. The actual dawning of self-consciousness was a long process. Our expanding intelligence, creativity and emotional / behavioral evolution has thrown a monkey wench into the normal flow of living form existence and the nature state of “being”. The result is that we constantly question, assume and judge everything.

This is generally how most human beings exist. Our entire understanding of life is based on this human conceptual illusion. This is how we define life and the universe. We believe that it is real. This is because we all the sole creators of this marvelous illusion. This is also way we have such difficulty changing our knowledge and belief systems concerning us, the universe and life. This restricts us from accepting and feeling the life energy that is normally quite neutral. Life energy in its essence is quite indifferent to any individual form. The deciding element is a life forms level of consciousness.

We are considered to have the highest level of consciousness in any living form.

Why do we continue to allow established social, scientific and religious implications to manipulate and restrict the natural state of being that has always been there for us?

It is possible to exist within the dimension of life instead of confusing human species intelligence, emotions and behavioral conditioning to make us “think” that we are outside life unity, looking in. I have referred to the above sentences in other blog articles. It would be great if you would write a comment or send an email expressing your ideas and feelings about these topics.

Have a great day!


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